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Technical Tidbits 1/14: Basketball team gets first ACC win

Tech defeats Boston College, next up UNC

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

There’s mostly basketball news to talk about for today’s Tidbits. However, there were a couple of other Tech sporting news items that I wanted to mention. Georgia Tech track and field will be in Nashville, Tennessee for the Commodore Challenge. After that, the team will compete in the Carolina Challenge the following Friday. This article has more information on that. I was wondering, are there any Tech football players (past or present) who have participated in track and field as well?

The Yellow Jackets volleyball team has been a source of a lot of buzz after its deep run in the NCAA tournament. In the other piece of news I wanted to mention, volleyball head coach Michelle Collier announced the signing of Cara Bianco to the team’s 2022 roster. Welcome to The Flats!

Finally, before getting into today’s Tidbits, I wanted to say that there are several things I’ve learned over the past week. For example, pigs can fly, the fat lady has sung, and, well, bulldwags can win a national championship. Yeah, crazy things happen on occasion but it’s nice knowing one thing remains the same. #THWG

The AJC sometimes has some intriguing articles, and I’m particularly fond of those penned by Ken Sugiura. This particular one caught my eye because of its title and I wanted to include it in today’s Tidbits.

Georgia Tech men’s basketball head coach Josh Pastner certainly has some thoughtful ways to motivate and inspire his team. This story about how he found inspiration in the Japanese art form of kintsugi is a great example of his insights and thoughtfulness. I have to agree, the basketball team has had a lot of setbacks this season and I didn’t even realize the extent of it until reading the article. Hopefully, as Pastner and the coaches try to piece together a competitive team, some of their moves pay off.

In more Tech basketball news, the Yellow Jackets men’s basketball team got their first ACC win of the season a couple of days ago. Tech sophomore Tristan Maxwell led the way with 22 points as the Yellow Jackets defeated Boston College 81-76 on Wednesday night.

The Yellow Jackets have struggled lately and, as mentioned earlier, they’ve had a few setbacks with injuries and illnesses. They are now 7-8 overall and 1-4 in conference play. They have a big challenge ahead of them this weekend as they travel to North Carolina to face the Tar Heels. Good luck to them as they head up to Chapel Hill.