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Technical Tidbits 09/03: GT Football is back!

2021 season kicks off tomorrow night.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech’s football season will officially kick off tomorrow night. Leading up to the new season, FTRS had several articles featuring best-, worst-, likely-case scenarios for the season. What are your own predictions for the 2021 season? Also, how are you planning on watching the game? Personally, I am trying to refrain from making score predictions but I do feel confident that Tech can pull off the victory. I will predict that one of Tech’s running backs is going to have a huge game (I just won’t say which one). With that said, what is your prediction for the final score or any other predictions for tomorrow night’s game that you’d like to make?

This article does a great job at highlighting the talents of Georgia Tech running back Jahmyr Gibbs. As curious as I am to see what Jeff Sims does in his second year, I’m really more excited about seeing what Gibbs does in his sophomore season.

As the article mentions, from his very first touch of the football as a Yellow Jacket, Gibbs has been a factory of highlight footage. The fact that he models himself upon backs like Alvin Kamara and Christian McCaffrey is an assurance that he will likely be featured in both the running game and the passing game. What’s even more special is Gibbs’ work ethic that’s spoken of in the article. Whenever you have a player like that, one who has the physical talent and the right off-the-field dedication, it’s a formula for success. While I’m very excited about the season starting, I’m every bit as excited at seeing how Gibbs does as well.

Switching to the defensive side of the ball, this article focuses on linebacker Ace Eley. Eley, who transferred to Tech from Maryland this year, will play a key role in the team’s defense, filling the role of former Yellow Jacket David Curry.

As the article mentions, Eley has a familiarity with the program at Tech. His father being a college football coach, two of his assistants are now part of the staff at Tech. I think it also speaks volumes for head coach Geoff Collins that as the son of a football coach, Eley was able to recognize positive traits in Collins that convinced him to commit to Tech back in December. There’s a lot of Yellow Jacket football players on both sides of the ball who will garner a lot of attention this season. Being a newcomer, there may not be a lot of familiarity with Eley, but I do think he does have the potential to have a major impact in his first season at Tech and he’ll be a player to keep an eye on.