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Beyond the Flats: Synjyn Days

It’s onward and upward for one of Tech’s finest.

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 06 ACC Championship Game - Florida State v Georgia Tech Photo by Dannie Walls/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In this weekly feature, we’ll take a look at what Tech’s finest are up to since leaving the Institute. This week, we focus on Synjyn Days.

I first met Synjyn Days by chance at an H&M in the fall of 2015, soon after his run with the Dallas Cowboys had ended. I was a third year at Tech and had only known him on the field, and to me the release from Dallas spelled the end of a dream. As I lamented his release, Days assured me that while he wished it had lasted a bit longer, the NFL had never been his be-all-end-all plan. He had capitalized on the opportunity afforded him following a stellar senior season and final game, and had made the most of his time, approaching each day with gratitude, not entitlement. When I asked him what lay ahead, he informed me that he was planning his next move, but that whatever God had in store would be the right path for him. At the end of the conversation, Synjyn asked my name, shook my hand, and thanked me for stopping to speak with him. I left the conversation amazed by the man I’d just met, and convinced that wherever he went, whatever he did, he would be immensely successful. In that short time, Days drew me in, gained my trust, and showed me what he believed in. How had I missed this before?

Capital One Orange Bowl - Mississippi State v Georgia Tech Photo by Getty Images

Recruited as a QB, Synjyn Days’ story at Tech was a true odyssey. Injuries, position changes, ups, and downs. But how did he respond? By continuing to work, leaning on his faith, and capitalizing on opportunity. His rollercoaster of a career culminated in a dream ending: he defeated UGA in Athens, nearly took out FSU and won the ACC, and then ran absolutely wild through (and at times over) the vaunted Mississippi State defense en route to an Orange Bowl victory. By the end of 2014, he would count down to New Year’s with a trophy in hand and an orange in his mouth. It had not come easy, the path hadn’t been straight, but at the end of it, Synjyn Days had come out on top. More than anything, it had been his approach and his belief that carried him to the proverbial mountaintop.

Since leaving Georgia Tech, Days has become a financial planner, and to no one’s surprise, a damn successful one, being recognized in 2020 as a Rising Leader in the industry. Working with National Financial Services Group before continuing his career with the Piedmont Group, Days has utilized his vast network of Georgia Tech alumni as well as the new connections he has made since college to help individuals reach their financial goals. For him, financial planning plays to his strong interpersonal skills as he is able to connect and quickly gain people’s trust, while the hard work and commitment he learned through football drive him to work tirelessly for his clients. In his words, it has not been easy, but the path to success requires doing things most are not willing to do. Further, financial literacy and security are particularly lacking in the African American community, and Days uses his expertise as a financial planner to help the next generation. Through mentoring with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and volunteering with MUST Ministries, Synjyn opens the eyes of many to the world beyond headlines or social media, helping them to set real goals and strive to achieve them.

Courtesy Section 103

Whether it’s modeling for Section 103, hosting tailgates, or simply cheering on his beloved Yellow Jackets every gameday, Days is never far from Tech. They say Georgia Tech is a forty-year commitment, and now 11 years into his, Synjyn is all in on furthering the Institute, growing the brand, and giving back to the school that taught him so much and set him up for a lifetime of success. Want more info? Keep an eye out for Synjyn on campus every gameday, and be sure to swing by his tailgate this Saturday at Mercedes Benz Stadium. You can also follow him @sdays10 on Instagram and Twitter.