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ACC Power Rankings - Week 3

The ACC is going full Coastal Chaos this year!

Georgia Tech v Clemson Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

At the beginning of lockdown for COVID last year there was a strange documentary about a haphazard roadside zoo full of big cats run by a crazy gay redneck methhead. You may have heard of Tiger King and watched some of its insanity. A friend of mine would explain it to people by saying “I can’t say if the show is good but you will not be bored and left with many questions.” Well, that is what the ACC is right now.

Is Clemson actually a top 10 team? Is Louisville actually decent or did UCF lay an egg? Should UNC still be the favorite to win the Coastal? The Hokies? What on earth is Miami doing and does anyone even care? Is this the year we finally see every Coastal team finish with a 4-4 record? The Power Ranking should reveal some insight...or more confusion.

Power Rankings

  1. Clemson - Clemson doesn’t retain this spot because they have been playing well but rather everyone else has been upset or just doesn’t quite have that quality win yet. Well, and the defense is the only one left who hasn’t allowed an offensive touchdown this year. UGA blew theirs against the other Carolina team late in the game.
  2. Wake Forest - What alternate dimension are we living in here? Must be 2006. The Demon Deacons are one of the two teams who have yet to lose a game in the ACC this year. It hasn’t been the toughest test with games against cupcakes like FSU and Norfolk but they put each one away early and the offense is humming.
  3. Boston College - This is really a 2A and 2B situation but Boston College lost QB Phil Jurkovic last week. Dennis Grosel took over and didn’t do much against Temple throwing for only 34 yards and an early pick but the run game and defense took care of a down Temple team. The Eagles may be on shaky ground next week when they take on Mizzou.
  4. Virginia Tech - The Hokies came up short this week but West Virginia is an above-average team and it was a renewal of one of the nastiest college football rivalries. QB Baxter Brumeister still looked good and a win over UNC from week one still keeps them ahead of the rest of the Coastal.
  5. North Carolina - After a dreadful offensive showing against Virginia Tech the Tar Heels have ripped off two 59-point games and this week it was Coastal foe, Virginia. They look much better than what the rest of the conference is showing behind them even if they quite haven’t lived up to expectations.
  6. Louisville - The Cardinals were picked on after their poor showing against Ole Miss but that is excusable. Malik Rutherford had a good game both passing and running the ball. UCF hasn’t been stellar on defense but it was one of the better wins this week. Louisville just needs to find their defense and they should be just fine.
  7. North Carolina State - The Wolfpack took care of their two lesser foes easily including Furman this week, but the loss to Mississippi State doesn’t look as good after they took an L to Memphis this week. The offense will get to prove if it is really up to snuff against Clemson next week.
  8. Pittsburgh - Another #GoACC moment against the almighty MAC conference fell through the cracks against Western Michigan. Pitt has been very good on offense this year but also very bad on defense which is quite the opposite of their normal persona. Not to worry though as there are plenty of Ws in the ACC play to be had on their schedule. Besides, it wouldn’t be Pitt without a random non-conference loss.
  9. Virginia - Looks like the Cavaliers proved that UNC may still have it this year or that UVA is trending the wrong way. Brennan Armstrong went lights out against UNC though with 554 passing yards, but man there are a lot of atrocious defenses in the conference this year. What is this, the Big 12 and NBA?
  10. Miami - Ok, I can’t warrant pushing the Hurricanes down any farther because Bama and Michigan State are actually really good teams. It’s a good thing they managed to squeak by App State last week or they would be winless with their in-state counterpart. Miami should rebound with the Duke Central Connecticut Blue Devils next week.
  11. Georgia Tech - Yes, the Yellow Jackets played a close game with the top team on this list but cracks are still showing that more potent offenses can exploit. Yates is looking really promising but the run game just can’t get going behind this line. It’s not a hate thing, just a need a meaningful win thing.
  12. Syracuse - The Rutgers loss hurts a bit but at least the offense is looking a little more capable this year. Albany was an easy task for the Orange but Liberty is up next and that is not a G5 team to be taken lightly.
  13. Duke - The Blue Devils may be 2-1 but Northwestern isn’t exactly good. There was some life to the offense this week and a game against Kansas next week may keep that feel-good vibe going. It won’t last past the following week with UNC though.
  14. Florida State - The problem with not having any wins is you have no hope for any argument above the other teams. FSU fans were so excited for Mike Norvell after tossing Willie Taggart to the curb. Being run over by Wake Forest and a loss to Jacksonville State has ruined all goodwill at this point. The cries for Prime Time to come back home are starting to get louder.