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Mailbag 9/1

Who are your conference darkhorses?

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Football is here. No questions, just happy. - Notwima13

Ben: I don’t think you’re getting how this mailbag is supposed to work, man.

Logan: Yay!


Jeff: Incorrect, football is there.

Jake: So is volleyball. From 0 to “what channel is [insert game] on” all at once.


Am I wrong to admire Lane Kiffin for getting his team 100% vaccinated in a state with a tragically low level? Which CFB team is most likely to forfeit a meaningful game? - Bill Brockman

Ben: Not at all! Kiffin has done a great job in a place where it is difficult to do a great job.

Logan: No, I admired the Falcons for the same thing even though they are a terrible team... Most likely team to forfeit a meaningful game, thats a tough one. needs to be in a state with low vaccination rate but importance in college football. You know what I’ll just got with uga, might be wishful thinking but I could see it happening.

Chris: LANE TRAIN BABY. I could definitely see Auburn or Tennessee having to forfeit a somewhat meaningful game. It would be peak meme CFB for Auburn to slip out of the SEC running because of a COVID forfeit but then somehow ruin it for Alabama by beating them the next week.

Jeff: I like Lane Kiffin just for the fact that the collective SEC hates him except for Ole Miss now. He is great at scheming and is apparently good at motivating kids to play with passion and be responsible. And it will be Virginia Tech because they are snake-bitten right now.

Jake: If you would have lined up all the college football coaches at the beginning of the year and asked me who would be the one to have the most surprisingly positive message showing leadership through the pandemic, it almost certainly would not have been him. Honestly, Lane stocks are way up this year. Good for him, all the respect and kudos are well deserved.


Probably Mississippi State. Or Auburn. Or Wazzu.

Can y’all tell everyone the team is now asking for Saturday night to be a Whiteout? - GT_Jason

Ben: Everyone, the team is asking for a whiteout, so you all know what to do.

Logan: No, because the only true whiteout is a Penn State whiteout.

Chris: Sure. Can we ask for more time next time?

Jake: Hey, guys, the team wants a whiteout. In all seriousness, it makes sense because it’s the only true home guaranteed night game, but, also, so much for me wearing my brand new Section 103 shirt. Guess it’s back to adidas for this week...

Carter: Hey, guys. The team is asking for a whiteout on Saturday. (Why did they wait this long? I bet it’s because they were supposed to get new uniforms and they’re not ready.)

Jeff: How about I tell Adidas to make some white gear?

Jacket’s first play from scrimmage? What will it be vs. what would you really like to see (Jet Sweep of course). - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: Option left.

Logan: It’ll be Power O left, and I’d like to see Power O left.

Drew: Four Verts. I’d actually guess a play action of some kind.

Chris: Screen.

Jake: The Jahmyr Gibbs play.

Carter: Toss sweep, to the house.

Jeff: A positive gain without a penalty.

Projected Starting lineup: We will get the ATL sheet, but who will be out on the first play from scrimmage? - GTSMURF

Ben: I think Tech will come out in 20 personnel (two running backs, zero tight ends), with Gibbs and Mason in the backfield and Sanders lined up on the short side of the field, and there will be some sort of running play on first down.

Logan: Out? As in out on the field for the first play? I’ll say Jesus will be out there, because he is in all of us.

Chris: Same question as Logan? I don’t think there will really be any surprises on the offensive side.

Jake: Surprise punt! The best offense is a good special teams. They eat before the quarterback, don’t ya know?

Jeff: We could go the route of South Carolina and throw an assistant coach out there.

Carter: Jeff Sims. Probably.

Will it be traditional Gold-White-Gold, or something different? I’m hearing a white-out for the fans, so is White-White-White in store for Saturday night? - GTSMURF

Ben: That’s the standard fair for a whiteout, so I don’t know why this would be any different.

Logan: Naw, you can’t have White-White-White because of the cancel culture nowadays. I expect standard uniforms to be in effect.

Chris: I’m really hoping it's W-W-W for the white-out, but I also wouldn’t put it past them to do gold helmets or something.

Carter: Are the white tops still traditional? I maintain W-W-G is the best looking combo, but as long as the tops are white we’re good.

Jake: Nothing would be as hilariously incongruous as calling for a whiteout and then wearing the dang Blackwatch jerseys.

Jeff: As long as it ain’t blue or black...

Also how bad does Clemson whip the pretenders from Athens? - GTSMURF

Ben: Probably not as bad as you would like, but I’ll still say 7-10 point victory for the Fightin’ Dabos.

Logan: Not as bad as you would like.

Chris: Definitely not as bad as we all hope, but I agree with Ben on 7-10 points.

Jake: I don’t even want to think about this game, it is the definition of damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Carter: Not nearly as bad as you want them to. That happened one time, and Joe Burrow is long gone.

Jeff: In my completely unbiased opinion, I think uga may be a bit overhyped on their offense so I think Clemson could win comfortably but not a route.

Who is your favorite character on Community? - ramblin gooner

Ben: It was actually a video of different clips of Troy that sold me on the show, but my favorite character is Abed.

Logan: Abed, is there any other answer?

Chris: Troy.

Jake: Clark Griswald.

Carter: Not Britta. She Britta’s everything.

Any suggestions for this year’s announcer/commentator drinking game bingo card? - SullyGT

Ben: “Effort based”

Logan: If you want to do a lot of drinking, GT commentators have gotten used to saying “He’d like that one back” whenever we throw the ball. Hopefully that’s not the case this year, but I’m not optimistic.

Chris: “Tech has a lot of expectations this year” and “Culture built on effort“.

Jeff: You could die of alcohol poisoning if you used “It’s great to have fans back in the stands again.”

Jake: “Jeff Sims spent a lot of time watching film/Dave Patenaude’s office” or “Really just a true freshman by eligibility still.”

Carter: “Pressley Harvin III”

Hello Everyone,

Football’s back and everyone wants Scott Frost to get fired again. Everything is as it should be with the world. The turf is green and chewable, it's way too hot outside, kids are complaining about going to classes (because they don’t want COVID). Life is back to normal. So that’s fun.

My question for this week is, who is the dark horse you will be cheering for from each of the power 5 conferences? I think mine are the following...

PAC-12: Arizona State, Big fan of Herm Edwards.

ACC: UNC, yeah they’re snooty but I’m happy about the return of the Mack

SEC: Texas A&M, lets give the longhorns something more to be upset about

BIG 10: Indiana, because they looked good last year and the last time they won the Big 10 was in a 3 way tie in 1967. Let’s go boys.

BIG 12: Iowa State, because lets burn the big 12 to the ground.

That’s what I got, have a good week guys.


Honky Tonk Ba Donka Donk (submitted via email)


Pac-12: Give me Arizona State. Herm Edwards defied the odds, and I think he gets a championship this year. Or at least, I sure hope he does.

ACC: Boston College

SEC: Tennessee, because why not?

B1G: Nebraska Indiana

Big 12: Iowa State. Forever and always.


PAC-12: I have UCLA, because it seems like they’ve been building to something for forever, so why wouldn’t this be the year?

ACC: Miami, because it would piss off all the Alabama fans in my family

SEC: Ole Miss, because Lane Kiffin is a meme machine

BIG 10: Minnesota, Row the Gopher baby!

BIG 12: Kansas, not to win the conference though. I just want Kansas to beat Texas a few more times before the longhorns leave for the SEC. Kansas can lose all their other games for all I care.


PAC-12: I like UCLA. I’m a believer in Chip Kelly and think they can do it.

SEC: Give me Kentucky. I would live to see the meltdown in Athens and the Wildcats have an outside chance.

Big-12: I have a lot of Kansas State friends, but I don’t think they’re there yet. Give me TCU in a comeback season.

Chris: Oregon (always fun when they’re good), Iowa State (why not), Wisconsin (Fansville Field Trip 2021 - stay tuned), South Carolina (wife’s family), Boston College (city of residence).


ACC - Georgia Tech (Duh!)

Big 10 - Wisconsin

Big 12 - Texas (I’ve always liked the Long Horns and because they recently beat Uga)

Pac 12 - Oregon isn’t a dark horse but I have them winning the National Title.

SEC - Mizzou, the only other team in the East who has won besides Florida and Georgia since expansion.


ACC— Why not us? It’s not out of the picture... My non-homer pick is Boston College. We’ll see who’s right in November.

B1G— I L L I N - just kidding, I don’t set myself up for that much failure to have great expectations for my favorite team and my old favorite team. Let’s go with spins Bee One Gee West wheel oh no it came up Illinois. Send help, or maybe just send Iowa.

Big 12— Man, Iowa State definitely doesn’t count as a dark horse anymore, and Oklahoma State is the best non-Oklahoma team in the conference the past decade. TCU feels like the perennial dark horse. Maybe West Virginia? I don’t know what to think about this conference anymore.

Pac 12— Isn’t Arizona State in Big Trouble™? I’m going with UCLA, since they already have unrealistic Week 0 expectations for us to go off of.

SEC— Ole Miss. They’re vaxxed and ready to ride. All aboard the Lane Train.


  • ACC — not UVA or FSU, neither of their horses are dark. why not Boston College?
  • B1G — no horses, how about Minnesota?
  • Big 12 — Texas Tech has a dark horse, but if you don’t say Iowa State and you don’t already have a vested interest this may not be the sport for you
  • Pac-12 — USC has a horse but it is also not dark. Colorado has a buffalo. a buffalo could totally beat up a horse