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Technical Tidbits 8/6: Former Yellow Jacket impresses in NFL debut

Who watched the game last night?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, in my book, it’s official. The football season is here. Even if it is only the preseason, it’s live football and I couldn’t be happier. Last night the NFL preseason began with the Hall of Fame game. This season’s game featured the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. And for Tech fans, it was relevant because of the topic of the first article in today’s Tidbits.

If you’re a Tech fan and have paid any attention to the football team over the past few years, then you’d have to love reading the opening statements to this article: “The Steelers may have found a gem with their 7th round punter pick this year.” And knowing that 7th round pick is none other than Pressley Harvin III a more than appropriate reaction would be “Well, duh.”

Only two punts into his career as a punter in the NFL, Harvin clearly impressed the folks at Draft Kings. For Tech fans, it was all but expected. He ended the night with four punts, averaging 45.8 per punt and with a long of 51 yards. Harvin is known for his abilities to do amazing things to a punted football, whether it’s causing it to take an awkward bounce or masterfully placing it in a spot that pins the opposing team deep in their own territory. Tech fans knew this and the fact that our offense was less than stellar — giving him several opportunities to do his thing — we got to joyfully witness what a genuine phenomenon Harvin is at the punter position. And now the rest of the NFL except the Steelers who were wise enough to draft him will know what Tech fans have known all along.

This article was mostly an information one. It focuses on the Georgia Tech football team’s First Saturday on The Flats, the annual event where fans can attend an open practice and interact with the team. The event is free and is a great way to get a peek at the 2021 Yellow Jackets football team. The season isn’t far away and soon we’ll have Saturdays with tailgating, gridiron action, and everything else that makes this time of year so special. The NFL kicked off its preseason last night, so it’s appropriate enough that tomorrow college football can put on a show for its fans.

Who is planning on attending this year’s First Saturday on The Flats?

What a punt!