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Mailbag 8/4

What’s your favorite Olympic moment?

Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day 11 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Is the offensive line as bad as everyone says? - YankeeJacket

Ben: I would say the offensive line has gotten better in the last couple years, but I wouldn’t say it’s great. I think a lot of their success this season hinges on the new grad transfers (Devin Cochran and Kenneth Kirby). I wasn’t overly impressed by Ryan Johnson last season, but if those two can come in and perform even solidly, I feel not bad about the offensive line.

Logan: Everyone is saying our O-line is bad? Surely someone thinks it’s not that bad. We won’t know till the games start getting played. I’m not expecting grand things from our O-line, but they shouldn’t be total garbage... Now you can stop here or you can continue to read the responses from more knowledgeable people below this response on why our O-line is total garbage.

Dottavio: The offensive line was really bad in ‘19, kinda bad in ‘20, and should actually be pretty good in ‘21. The transition from the triple to a spread offense created a ton of issues. One issue is the physiological makeup of the actual player.

The 2nd issue is the technical knowledge and ability of the player. The O-Line is the hardest position to recruit, it’s also a really hard position to coach. You’re taking less athletic players and teaching them three equally important skills: run blocking, pass blocking, and screen blocking. The OL didn’t even do the same type of run blocking for Coach Johnson that they’re doing for Coach Collins.

The 3rd issue is tactical. The OL were taught a completely different count system, and set of plays from what they’re doing now. Especially in pass protection which can become convoluted by schemes and coaches. So the talent, technique and tactical knowledge were all Year Zero in 2019.

Jeff: I hate hearing the transition talk from the option offense but this is the one position group that it fully applies. They should start showing real signs of growth this year so I expect them to be close to average.

What does this say about Coach Football not Found’s revitalization of the team in year three? - YankeeJacket

Ben: I understand that it’s a big change, but if Tech is bad again this season, I hope it serves as a wake-up call that they need to be more focused on actually playing the game and worrying less about swag. I understand that all that stuff looks good to recruits, but you have to also be able to show recruits that they will have a chance for success on the field, and Geoff Collins has failed to do that so far.

Logan: Assuming our O-line is terrible next year, it shows that the Coach’s emphasis was more on getting us away from the P.J. playbook and changing our image than it was on creating a serviceable O-line to win games with.

Jeff: The defense is what is starting to concern me. You can't use the transition from the option for that side of the ball. CPJ also brought in some decent talent in the secondary and their play last year seemed to regress. I know the front 7 weren't really helping out but these are mostly his guys now in starting roles so he needs to show that he can use his players like he talked about. His banter is turning sour fast especially if the loses continue to be routs to the stronger teams.

Favorite Olympic moments from any Olympiad? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: So, I’m not a big Olympics guy (don’t hate me Jake!), but when I was in high school, my senior year math teacher was Reese Hoffa’s (Olympic shotputter) wife, so that’s pretty neat!

Jake: Easily the 4x100 Freestyle Relay. The French smack-talked the whole prelude to the race and were anchored by the fastest man in the world. Michael Phelps needed the race for his pursuit of eight golds in one games. I won’t spoil the rest. I watched it before every big race I ever swam.

Logan: I struggle to remember specific moments of the Olympics. I guess my favorite was the Beijing Olympics where Michael Phelps won basically all the swimming events. I just remember that being the most hype an Olympics got for all fans in the US.

If Clemson and FSU leave how screwed are we? - DTGT

Ben: Not as screwed as they would be financially. Read through this thread from David Hale and see how much it would end up costing them to join the SEC right now:

Jake: They’re not going to leave. Simply put. At least, not yet.

Logan: IF that happens (doesn’t look like it will anytime soon) then the ACC is in serious trouble. Good news though is that Georgia Tech would have a chance to win the ACC.

Dottavio: Clemson stays until they can’t make the playoff by being in the ACC. If it was still a four team playoff I would be concerned today, but since it’ll wind up 12 I think they can stick out the easy path to the playoff as long as the ACC can generate some more money.

Jeff: I'm not sure what the FSU AD was referring too when he made a presser last week but hinted at some loop holes built in every 5 years. If those don't exist though then no team could leave the ACC without financial ruin.

Up? - Notwima13

Ben: Outside of the first 15 minutes, which only serves to rip your heart out, that movie is only okay, and thus should not be considered the best Pixar movie.

Logan: Its a movie dude.


If one, then two? Debate - Notwima13

Ben: Ah, but you see, if two, then one.

Logan: So lets say you put a 1 and a 2 in the excel sheet in spots A1 and A2, but you put them in at a random order without looking to determine which came first then which came next. use the following recipe in a different cell in excel to determine the order in which the numbers were placed.

=IF(A1<A2,”one then two”, “two then one”)


Why was the human torch denied a bank loan? - Notwima13

Ben: Well, do superheroes have good credit? Like, I feel like that’s not a requirement. And as much damage as he has caused, he’s probably an insurance nightmare. Though I guess you could say he also just burns through money. Okay, bye.

Logan: Get out of here Ron Burgundy


Is there a limit to how many questions a user can ask? - Notwima13

Ben: What is unlimited if not questions persevering?

Logan: Doesn’t look like it


Jeff: There is a limit to how many I will answer...and that is one.

If Clemson SEC, GT win ACC? - Notwima13

Ben: If Clemson SEC, Miami and UNC win ACC, though Tech would be a more regular competitor.

Logan: If UNC ACC, UNC > GT (not an excel format, but it’s the one you used in the question)


If Texas in West why call SEC? Not call SC? - Notwima13

Ben: Well, I don’t think the SEC has the Southern Conference in mind when they wanted to expand and take over the College Football world, but I guess it could work.

Logan: Because there are too many SC acronyms. There’s Southern California, South Carolina, Supply Chain, Student Center, Small Capital, Source, Science, Sculptist, System Center, Star Craft, Source Code, Smart Card, Smart Car, Sailing Club, Santa Catarina, San Clemente, Solar Cell, Soccer Club, and Saint Kitts & Nevis to name a few.

SEC only has two acronyms, Security & Exchange Commission and South Eastern Conference. Once both SECs merge together in the South Eastern Conference’s attempt to absorb all organizations on the planet there will be only 1 SEC. and the SEC does not give up monopolies on naming things.


Hello Past and Future Taco Bell Employees,

Hope you are all enjoying your week so far. With the Olympics wrapping up hopefully there will be more diverse questions for you to respond to other than how the SEC attempting to assimilate all colleges in existence will impact the NCAA. People all acting like the NCAA had any power over the SEC to begin with. Now the great college football wars will begin for supremacy over the landscape of college football in the future (brought to you by Lays).

I’ve recently seen many commercials about the Papa Johns owned by Shaq. I think the commercials are actually about stuffed crust pizza, but Shaq keeps showing up in them. My question for the week is who is your favorite celebrity athlete owner of a restaurant. I think my favorite was probably Hank Aaron owning the Waffle House in Truist Park. I heard that was a thing, never got verification on it. That was a match made in heaven.

If that thing I heard about Hank Aaron is untrue, I guess there is Richard Sherman owning wingstops in Seattle or Calvin Johnson purchasing Auntie Anne’s first food truck ever. Those are also pretty good. So many athletes getting into the restaurant business, I’d like to see the business numbers on how some of those investments turned out.

Have a good week y’all,

King Shark (submitted via email)

Jake: When I heard that Calvin Johnson was at Auntie Anne’s training or whatever they call it at the same time one opened in the Student Center, I really thought that was him. Otherwise, I’ll go with a lame answer and say the Shaq Krispy Kreme. That one seems like it made sense.

Logan: I take offense to the taco bell employee comment. I don’t know much about Tim Hudson but I do like the Hudson grill. Pretty impressive that there was already a bunch of restaurants named the Hudson grill and Tim just had to buy one of the restaurants. Like, that matchup was perfect (some sarcasm).

Dottavio: Scott Steiner and Shoney’s.