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Georgia Tech Football: Worst-Case Scenarios

Don’t hate us!

Kennesaw State University vs Jacksonville State University Set Number: X162336 TK1

Well we got to wear our gold-colored glasses yesterday, but today, you will all hate us! This should be fun!

Ben: So my worst-case scenario starts this weekend, with a loss to Northern Illinois, whose QB proceeds to run all over our defense. Things get worse in Week 2, as Tech falls to Kennesaw State. Tech finishes winless as every conceivable thing that can be imagined regresses. Being a bit more realistic, the defense doesn’t get any better after regressing last season, and Jeff Sims and Jahmyr Gibbs both have sophomore slumps; Georgia Tech maybe wins three games.

Robert: I rewatched the 2020 GT-Boston College game recently. That’s what the worst case looks like: repeatedly gashed on inside zone runs, looking helpless to stop explosive passing plays, and turning the ball over repeatedly to kill promising drives. The worst case is finishing 3-9 again, winning only one of the final 10 games, and the goodwill given to the rebuild all but dissipates. The recruiting class loses two key members and ends up about 50th nationally.

Jake: Unspeakable losses to start the season. The Geoff Collins era regresses into a reverse gear. Serious Talks need to happen. It would not be bueno.

Jeff: Inconsistency shows up all season and it turns out that this coaching staff really lacks in the Xs and Os department. Tech regresses in the win column and post only one or two wins and gets beat by a touchdown against Kennesaw. The loss becomes a running joke that they can’t beat FCS teams who run the option. People want to hire Bohannon away from Kennesaw to bring back the triple but we’re still locked into buy out Tech can’t afford.

Drew: The Yellow Jackets lose to their second FCS triple option team on their way to two wins. Jeff Sims still has little accuracy and the offensive line continues to be a mess. The defense continues to perplex by being so bad and special teams gets even worse with the loss of Pressley Harvin. Rivals uga and Clemson have no issue. Nor does Miami. Even a hapless Virginia Tech has no trouble putting away the Jackets.

Logan: 2-10 wins against Northern Illinois and Duke. Following this 2-10 season GT keeps Geoff Collins at head coach. Also the dwags win the CFP, just to further twist the dagger. I’m sure I can find some more stuff to pile on, but that’s the worst stuff I can think of.

Chris: A loss to Kennesaw would pretty much ruin the entire season and probably put Collins in hot water. The ACC Coastal is always a carnival of chaos so who knows what could happen; it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we go winless in conference play. Still, I’d find it hard to believe this team would win fewer than 3 games so I’m considering that to be the floor.

Carter: Remember when Tech fans spent the entire 2019 offseason (and maybe more) saying how they never wanted to see the option at Georgia Tech ever again, and then that fall Tech lost to an FCS team running the option? It’s two years later and losing to the option is about to become that Reminiscence scene for them. Just reliving it over and over until ego death finally arrives.