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Technical Tidbits 8/20: Season 3 Expectations

What should one expect for season 3?

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

For today’s Tidbits, the articles focus more on the upcoming football season and just what to expect from the Yellow Jackets under head coach Geoff Collins in season 3. With that said, what are your own expectations? What would you consider a successful season versus a disappointing season?

The question on every Tech fan’s mind is just what will the Yellow Jackets do under head coach Geoff Collins in season 3. Everyone can probably agree that a sub-mediocre outing will do nothing but disappoint and could potentially land Collins on the hot seat.

As the article mentions, the transition and the re-building/re-shaping that came with it cannot be a viable excuse any longer. There are a lot of areas where the team needs to show improvement (consistency with the offense and penalties per game being obvious ones).

That doesn’t necessarily have to translate into wins. After all, as the article mentions, Tech does have one of the tougher schedules in the country. By season 3 of Breaking Bad, Walter White had more than established himself as the notorious anti-hero protagonist that he was. Sure, sports and certainly football are not the same as a television series (though a good television series about football would make for interesting viewing IMHO), but for many out there who follow the Yellow Jackets, the expectation is that it’s about time for them to start breaking good.

The article does a pretty good job at previewing the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team’s 2021 schedule. The first two games are against Northern Illinois and Kennesaw State. As the article mentions, these first two games are easier than the three that follow those, but that doesn’t mean either opponent should be taken for granted.

Regardless, once the schedule gets tougher with the week 3 matchup against Clemson, the Yellow Jackets should hopefully have at least one win on the season, ideally two but anything can happen. We all remember what happened with the Citadel game, right? (If the team is 0-2 by week 3, then I would say that might be the beginning of the end of the Collins’ era, or at least, he should be rightfully sitting on the hot seat). Anyhow, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s other weeks where the team should have a fair shot at adding to the win column. It should be an interesting season as the article says.