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Georgia Tech Football - Recruiting Class Revisited - 2017

What should be the last ride for the class of 2017

North Carolina State v Georgia Tech Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Senior class for Georgia Tech this year is a much smaller field now than it was when they all committed back in February of 2017. Originally comprised of 24 enrollees, the remaining members of this class sit at just 8 players. This class at the time was rated 9th in the ACC, 48th in the nation, with an average 247 composite rating of .8389.

Some have gone on to the rookie seasons of their NFL careers (Pressley Harvin III and Jaytlin Askew). A few have graduated out of the program and moved on to the next chapter in their lives (Zach Quinney, Avery Showell, Connor Hansen, and Charlie Clark). Others are exploring the possibilities brought about by the Grad Transfer rule (Kaleb Oliver, Antwan Owens, and Jerry Howard).

Here’s the eight remaining athletes that are leading this year’s iteration of the Yellow Jackets onto the field:

Georgia Tech 2017 Recruiting Class

Player Position 247 Rating Hometown
Player Position 247 Rating Hometown
Bruce Jordan-Swilling LB/RB 0.9182 New Orleans, LA
Jaquan Henderson EDGE 0.8813 Covington, GA
Tre Swilling CB 0.8787 New Orleans, LA
Tobias Oliver QB/CB 0.8423 Warner Robins, GA
Michael Minihan OL 0.8403 Honolulu, HI
Tariq Carpenter S 0.8182 Ludowici, GA
Jordan Mason RB 0.8158 Gallatin, TN
Adonicas Sanders WR 0.791 North Charleston, SC

As there’s just under 400 hours from Toe Meeting Leather for the first time in 2021, I don’t think it would be fair to pick apart the successes and shortcomings of this class. Instead, I just want to thank them for their contributions to the team, the school, the fanbase — the whole nine yards.

It’s hard to make it to the stage of football these young men are at. There’s roughly 10 million 15-19 year old males in America at any given time. Of those 10 million kids, approximately 12,000 of them are football players that are rated higher than a .8000 composite. For the math majors out there, that’s a .01% chance of being rated as highly as all of these guys were. They are all incredible athletes, and hopefully their time at Tech has helped mold them into incredible men. This class has seen two coaching staffs, both very different in how they operate. They’ve seen more heartbreak than a team should have to bear with the deaths of two teammates. They’ve stuck together and led by example in everything they’ve done to represent this program and this school.

As we rapidly approach the season, I know I’ll enjoy watching each of these remaining 8 seniors as they don the White and Gold (and Navy and Black).

16 Days ‘Til Kickoff