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Technical Tidbits 7/9: Georgia Tech Football Ops staffer departs for NFL

Kevin Cone is headed to the Atlanta Falcons.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

I want to begin today’s article by letting everyone know that it’s going to be my last “Technical Tidbits” for FTRS. I’ve been doing this for over two years, and will begin college at UNC-Chapel Hill in just a few weeks on a Morehead-Cain Scholarship. I’m extremely grateful to this site for the relationships and skill development it has brought me and wouldn’t trade my experience as a contributor for the world. I’m also thankful for all of the readers and commenters, I appreciate the views, comments, and the occasional correction. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to be completely rid of me yet, I plan on popping into the occasional mailbag and commenting for the foreseeable future.

A well-respected member of Georgia Tech’s football operations department, Kevin Cone, has left for a job in the big leagues. As of late June, Cone is now the player affairs coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. This is a big move for Cone, who is leaving his alma mater for his former professional team. Cone played for the Jackets from 2008-10 as a wide receiver, scoring a reception touchdown in 2010. Cone was an undrafted free agent for the Falcons, where he mainly played on special teams for three seasons. After being released by the Falcons, Cone bounced around the NFL and CFL before retiring in 2016. Good luck, Kevin!

It’s July and we’re still honoring student-athletes for their performances in the classroom; that’s a great thing. Today it’s the Georgia Tech Baseball team gaining recognition for their achievements, as five Jackets were named to the Academic All-ACC Team. Brant Hurter and Luke Waddell are the two Jackets making the squad for the second time, while Tres Gonzalez, Andrew Jenkins, and Kevin Parada are on it for the first time. This is a tremendous accomplishment and speaks to the remarkable dedication of the players throughout the school year. Congratulations, Jackets!

Brand and ideation will be one of the biggest non-on field factors of college athletics for years to come. While new Assistant AD for Brand and Ideation Gage Jenkins will likely be unable to help build athletes’ personal brands, he can increase the engagement and popularity that the Georgia Tech athletes get through official channels. By working to further develop Tech’s social and traditional media outreach, Jenkins can increase revenue and indirectly affect recruiting through the brand he builds. According to the article above, Jenkins did a great job at the Air Force Academy. This is a hire that could go a long way for the GTAA. Welcome to the Flats, Gage!

I think this is just one of many stats that proves Geoff Collins’ point.

No question of the day today, just a thank you for everything. I assure y’all, I’m not trading the old gold for the Carolina blue, I’m just adding the color to my wardrobe. #GoJackets