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Technical Tidbits 7/26: Video highlights from recent ACC event

Video footage from ACC Football Kickoff event.

Georgia Tech v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

There’s more and more buzz building up as we inch closer to the football season. The ACC Football Kickoff Event allowed us to get a glimpse into the ACC schools and their football programs. Georgia Tech head coach Geoff Collins provided some insights into the team’s status and the video of him in the referenced article is definitely worth checking out.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Atlantic Coast Conference Football Kickoff event last week, this article contains highlights from the portions that featured head coach Geoff Collins and three of his players. I recommend checking out the first video which includes highlights from their talks at the podium.

Head coach Collins answered several questions from the media and there is a lot of insight to be gained from his answers. These answers focused in particular on areas of concerns that most Tech fans are probably well aware of. One item that Collins emphasized more than once was the team’s discipline and situational awareness. Tech was a highly penalized team last year and Collins is hopeful that the team’s mental preparation will pay off this season with fewer self-inflicted wounds. Focus during pre-snap and post-snap should lead to fewer mistakes and help the team take advantage of its opportunities — in particular, Collins did address the team’s poor performance in the red-zone. Ideally if the team can clean up its play this will lead to better red-zone efficiency and overall improved play.

Tech has a lot of new players — 14 from January alone as Collins mentions. As the new players integrate with the culture and the team gels, they should perform better. To point out one area of high expectations, Collins mentioned the team’s offensive line and his hopes that it will be ready for the next level of play. Pass protection will be key to the team’s improvements as an offense, and this is definitely one are I’m excited to see during the upcoming season.

It is encouraging to see student-athletes from Georgia Tech recognized for their efforts on and off the field. The Allstate AFCA Good Works Team recognizes student-athletes for their off-the-field leadership. Whether it’s for their community service or academic commitments, students who receive the recognition are models of desirable leaders that any team should be proud of.

Last week, Georgia Tech football’s Juanyeh Thomas was named a nominee for the team by the American Football Coaches Association. As the article mentions, there’s a number of off-the-field activities that Thomas has been involved with that have had a positive effect on both the Tech and Atlanta communities. The final team is decided on by journalists and former Good Works Team members and the final team will be announced in September.

The last Yellow Jacket to make the team was KeShun Freeman from the 2016 team. Congratulations to Thomas on his nomination for this year’s team.