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Technical Tidbits 7/23: ACC Football Kickoff event highlights

With the football season just weeks away, the ACC held its annual kickoff event.

Georgia Tech v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

It’s hard to believe we’re only 43 days away from the beginning of the college football season. With that in mind, today’s Tidbits includes two articles focused on the Atlantic Coast Conference Football Kickoff event which took place this week.

Summer doesn’t have to be a slow time of the year for college football enthusiasts. In fact, some of the summer events that take place can be some of the more interesting ones. Personally, the annual Atlantic Coast Conference Football Kickoff event is one of those events that I look forward to as it serves as a perfect reminder that football is right around the corner.

One thing different about this year was that three players from each team were brought to the event along with their coach where in past seasons it would be two players along with the coach. As the article mentions the event took place this week and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were represented by head coach Geoff Collins, linebacker Ayinde Eley, defensive back Juanyeh Thomas, and quarterback Jeff Sims. The event took place in Charlotte, North Carolina and was broadcast live by the ACC Network. I’m not really sure what criteria goes into selecting the players that join head coach Collins at the event, but I do think all of those chosen this year were good choices and they are players I look forward to watching this season.

Juanyeh Thomas was mentioned in the previously referenced article in today’s Tidbits, and he’s the main focus of this one. The article features comments and insights from Thomas who spoke during the ACC Football Kickoff event this week. He is one of the players I think can have a big impact on the team and whom I’m definitely looking forward to watching.

In the interview Thomas makes two very valid points regarding how this season may be different for the Yellow Jackets. Because of Covid-19, the team’s spring practice was cut short last year. But this year they had a full spring practice, and Thomas believes that will be a factor in the team’s preparation and potential for this season. He also mentions the fact that fans should be in full attendance this season, unlike last season (another effect of Covid-19). These are two very valid points that he makes. Despite being underdogs going into the season, the Yellow Jackets have a great opportunity to prove a lot of skeptics wrong. It’s still a young team, but the extra preparation and the motivation of having the fans in attendance may certainly be key factors.