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Mailbag 7/21

How much would you pay to fly in a rocket near space?

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin New Shepard Space Vehicle Flies The Billionaire And Other Passengers To Space Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

More of an article idea than a question, but you could do how you would feel about the season / CGC per win total? - Notwima13


0-3 - Oof big time. Blow it all up.

4-6 - Yeah that sounds about right, maybe next year we can actually get to a bowl game.

7-9 - Okay, that’s much better than I expected, I actually have some optimism for next year gasp

10-12 - Oh [Foreigner] yeah! This team is actually pretty good!

Logan: I don’t feel great about it. we are a better team this year but most of the teams we are competing against also got better this year.

0: Well I can’t say this is unexpected

1 - 3: Good job staying in your sweet spot for wins Geoff

4 - 5: Actually where I think we end up.

6 - 7: Holy crap, you’re telling me we get to go to a bowl game?

8 - 10: Wait really? Did I forget to take my meds this morning and all this is an illusion?

11 - 12: Ok, stop messing with me guys. This is not funny, don’t go lying to me about our record.


0-3 - I know what the arguments would be - finances, too much change too fast - and I don’t care. A change is necessary.

4-6 - The most likely scenario. I would be very interested in the underlying metrics (success rate, EPA/play, etc.) and what they tell us about actual team quality. Features of an average or above P5 team would make me feel good about the trajectory, as that would be two sizable jumps in quality from year 1 to 2 and then 2 to 3.

7-9 - This would absolutely signify a meaningful jump up in team quality. Most likely, it would mean Jeff Sims had taken two steps forward, which would alleviate my concern about this staff’s ability to develop a QB. It would mean the defense hit highs we haven’t seen in nearly a decade.

10-12 - Give the man whatever he wants. Hire new staff. Build new facilities. Blow out the recruiting budget. Invest now, because we’ve found something we don’t want to lose. has been featuring short interviews by Andy Demetra with the Tech baseball players in the Cape Cod League. Can you think of another off-season activity for college players as great as that must be? I suppose the swimmers who are competing for Brazil and Turkey are way up there, but that’s every four years. - Bill Brockman

Jake: Maybe talking to the golf guys in a similar manner? Seems like they compete similarly all summer.

Logan: competitive fishing college edition?

How much would you pay to ride a $Billionaire’s phallus rocket into near space? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: Heights aren’t really my thing, so I’m good.

Jake: $0. I love flight, but space weirds be out and I think they’re ultimately all just amounting to little more than vanity anyways. If they want to revolutionize travel, go dump that money into electric/hydrogen planes or electric high speed rail.

Logan: nah man, I’m only paying for a full space trip. Near space isn’t really space. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Robert: $0. I’d like to go somewhere I can get off the plane.

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are doing well this week. Mine’s been a mixed bag so far, but gotta keep moving forward. speaking of moving forward, with the position previews complete I think we have a good idea of what the team is going to look like moving forward. I can’t wait to see the previews of our upcoming opponents to find out how Georgia Tech matches up. Hopefully it will be better than a Ted Lasso (1st season, don’t know about the 2nd season yet) situation where we can be happy with ourselves but still end up losing.

Sticking with the theme, my question this week is can you tell me a story of a time when you made a bad decision but kept moving forward because of your pride, stupidity, or just because you decided to keep rolling with it?

If memory serves one time I got in an argument with my friends about how I thought that “A League of Their Own” was a bad movie. I didn’t even believe that but somehow I ended up making the argument and everyone else in disagreed with me. Partially because no one else agreed with me I just kept at it. It was dumb and pointless and got me into a minor shouting match, but sometimes that just happens. Anyway, what’s your story?

Have a good rest of your day,

The Noid (submitted via email)

Ben: Oh man, I think of my first couple years of college. I started college as a Computer Science major because I knew it would make me money, and I was good at math in high school. Well, I get into my first Pre-Calc class and squeak by with a C. I think, yeah, that’s not great, but I had a bad professor, I’ll do better in Calculus. I go into Calculus I, and again, I barely squeak by with a C. Well, that’s not great, but I’m almost done with Calculus, so I can tough it out for one more semester in Calc II. I get my first Calc II exam back and got a 34 (with the curve). At that point, I dropped Calc II and changed my major, never looking back.

Jake: I feel like I do this on the podcast sometimes, but I absolutely have this kind of take on Antico’s. I don’t even really dislike the place, I just think it’s a bit overpriced and kinda puts on airs with it’s Euro pricing and whatnot. Your restaurant is at Hemphill and Ethel in the middle of Home Park, not the back streets of Lucca, or something. Heck, I’m not sure they even accept Euros. And, I mean, the catalyst is always that I like Fellini’s a little better. Which is apparently a take hotter than the sun. I made the mistake of having that opinion the first week at work, too. I think I need to play this card a little closer to the chest.

Logan: My experience happened when I was about 12. I don’t remember what my sister and I were arguing about, or who was in the right or wrong, but we were in my dad’s car while he was fueling up at a gas station and things got heated. My sister was younger, and I guess dad felt I was picking on her so he was like “Logan you need to stop that now or I’m gonna make you walk home”. I didn’t miss a beat, I opened the door and walked off heading back home. The gas station was about 4 miles from home, so not too far; problem was the night before a ice storm had rolled through Marietta, so it was cold and there was still some ice sheets on the sidewalk. I didn’t mind that much, honestly the walk helped me cool my head. I got about halfway home before dad found me further down the road on the sidewalk. Neither of us apologized, but he stopped and told me to get in. I thought about fighting him on it, but instead I just got in and went home. I think my sister convinced him to pick me up, but I don’t really remember her saying much. Looking back it was pretty dumb, I should’ve just apologized in the first place and stopped heckling my sister, but at the time my pride made me feel like I wasn’t gonna apologize and if he wanted me to walk home I would prove to him I could. I kind of learned something about myself that day in terms of how far I was willing to go for my pride, but how that can also be a dumb and dangerous thing sometimes.