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Technical Tidbits 7/16: Three Yellow Jackets drafted by MLB teams

Waddell, Malloy to the Braves, and Hurter to the Tigers.

NCAA Baseball: Nashville Regional-Vanderbilt vs Georgia Tech Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Before getting into Friday’s Tidbits, I wanted to inquire with our readers regarding sites that are behind a paywall or have a limited number of “free” monthly views. The AJC is a good example of this and I’m including one of their articles in today’s Tibits. I try to limit the number of such articles in the Tidbits, but once in a while I’ll include one, (typically if it’s an article by Ken Sugiura whose coverage of GT athletics is among the best). With that said, feel free to comment in regards to your thoughts and opinions of these sites and any preferences you may or may not have.

This article focuses on the upcoming Georgia Tech Day at Truist Park. The Atlanta Braves baseball team holds the event annually. Aside from a game ticket, those who purchase the package will also receive a Georgia Tech/Braves co-branded hat. This year’s game will be on August 29 when the Braves host the San Francisco Giants.

Since the arrival of Geoff Collins and the whole 404 culture in Tech branding, Tech Day has been an interesting event to look out for in the Braves season. I believe tying together the identities of both Tech and the city of Atlanta has been a particularly smart move by the new coaching regime. To be honest, I haven’t attended one of the “GT Day” Braves events, but who knows, maybe I’ll try this season. If not for anything else other than showing support for Tech, the hat itself seems completely worth it. In all seriousness, it’s nice to see GT becoming more ingrained in Atlanta culture.

In sports, there’s nothing like a feel-good story about an athlete’s redemption. This article about the three Yellow Jacket baseball players who were drafted in this year’s MLB draft is a great example of such a story. Those players are Luke Waddell, Justin-Henry Malloy, and Brant Hurter. All three were drafted by teams with Hunter selected by the Detroit Tigers and Waddell and Malloy both selected by the Atlanta Braves. (How often do two or more players not only get drafted by the same team but wind up playing in the same city where they spent their collegiate careers?).

All three players had overcome some form of disappointment from the previous season to help lead the Yellow Jackets to another successful season including an appearance in the NCAA tournament. Congratulations to all three of them. It’s nice to see Tech athletes getting opportunities to prove themselves at the next level. Best of luck to all three!