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Mailbag 6/9

Why do people make senseless comparisons between players?

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

What’s on your Awesome Summer 2021 must do list to “get down and get done”? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: Well I have plans to go down to the Jacksonville Zoo later this month and a few trips back home to Athens, but that’s about it. I doubt anything too crazy will be happening for me.

Austin: Got engaged last week, so that was a big one to check off. With that said, getting engaged has now made my list 20 times longer, and I’ll be relocating to Madison, Wisconsin for the month of July to facilitate wedding planning.

Carter: I got married, so that’s the big thing off my list for the ye— [puts finger to earpiece] hold on, I’m receiving new information. My wife is now looking at housing availability in the Atlanta market. More to come.

Logan: I’m trying to get back on track. I have a goal to go to all the MLB ball parks. I’ve been to 9 out of 30 so I’m gonna try to knock out a few more of those this summer.

Jake: Aye, Logan, nice! I’m at 25 of 30 with my dad and brother and we have spread these out so long that there’s three that we’ve been to that don’t exist anymore. Oops. But, yeah, we’re trying to get out to New York or Southern California to check off some more. It’s hard to do that though, because I’ll be finally starting full time work (wow, no more subtle allusion to being worn down by grad school in articles!) next week here in Atlanta. So, yes, graduating, starting a job, watching sports, enjoying having a bike in town FINALLY, and, who knows, maybe there will be some time left to go to a brewery or float down the Chattahoochee.

How much would you liked to have seen Logan Paul get has azz whipped? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: Did people actually pay to watch this fight? It was a ploy for money from the beginning. You know how I know, other than it being completely obvious?

Akshay: Y’all, do not give those brothers attention — I beg you. Do something better with your time and money. It is a trainwreck you can look away from, I promise.

Carter: You know who won that fight this weekend? Everyone who didn’t pay money to watch it. Also, as a casual enjoyer of professional wrestling, I’m tempted to ask anyone who watches boxing, “you know it’s fake, right?” Because that, up above? That was faaaaaaaaake. At least WWE stopped pretending two decades ago.

Logan: forget Logan Paul, why does anyone expect a fight from Mayweather to be interesting after the Pacquiao fight?

Jake: I can’t remember what I did instead, but I sure am glad I did whatever that was instead of giving one of the Paul brothers attention.

How many Section 103 shirts have you bought? I started with two and heard certain ones like the gold one with the new ATL field logo sold out quickly (good!) so which ones and how many have you ordered (so far?) - GT_Jason

Ben: So far, I have the Bobby Dodd Stadium is my Happy Place shirt, and I’m also planning to get the blue TECH hoodie at some point. It’s not available yet, but I would really like the 8-bit GT helmet that is in the poll as well.

Jake: I’m waiting on my first paycheck as a gift to myself. That said, it’s proving very hard to be patient. The vintage stuff, though (see below) I don’t think I could have held out this long on! Designs G, K, M, and O are particular wants of mine. Heck, the latter two are the original Reck shield design and the current Reck shield design. I think that makes them insta-buys.

Carter: I just got this sweet white and gold hoodie from a brewery in Maine — which means breweries in Maine offer a better selection of white and gold gear than adidas does — so I think I’m set for a while. Talk to me again if/when any of those vintage designs below become a reality. Or maybe if Homef— [is apprehended by Georgia Tech Brand Police]

For the questions below

Does shirt “H” require a license from WaHo? - GTBuzzed

Ben: I’m gonna say no, but maybe. If there is a trademark issue, then it won’t get printed.

Austin: No idea but does anyone remember the We Buy Gold! sign off the Pleasant Hill Road exit?

Carter: Yes. Undoubtedly. The Waffle House special forces are real and they are making me say this.

Akshay: I think this would fall under Fair Use, but I could be wrong — I’m no IP lawyer.

Jake: I would guess so. I will finish the rest of this thought in the next question.

Does GT have any corporate sponsorship from WaHo? If not, why not? - GTBuzzed

Akshay: It is unclear if there’s any official relationship, at least from public documentation, but there seemed to be one in the works in 2019. For more details, we’d probably have to file a FOIA request, and we’d only know the answer in three months (thanks, Kirby Smart).

Jake: It shocks me that we don’t see any advertising or anything like that from them in our facilities. It is quite an inseparable pairing at this point, not to mention the corporate ties with alumni and such. Seems too obvious to not be a thing. However, at the same time, I’ve never seen a Waffle House advertisement anywhere that I can recall.

Why isn’t CGC modeling this shirt (in a slightly too small size) already? - GTBuzzed

Ben: Even for stuff that is given straight to the team, it still has to be approved by licensing.

Austin: I imagine he wears one under his long sleeve every game a la Freddie Freeman’s lucky shirt.

Carter: Geoff Collins wakes up every morning with a new shirt from adidas exclusively for him to wear that day on his doorstep. The schedule is decided far in advance and must be strictly adhered to. Adding a new design to the schedule is nigh impossible and requires several high-level authorizations.

Jake: Carter is joking there, but, man, the football team gets a lot of stuff. Heck, Collins has an account just for his custom tennis shoes. And yet, not a single one of these dozens of other designs ever comes close to market! As a fan (and as a casual observer of the differences between that which the football team gets versus every other program) it kind of irks me, to be completely honest.

Also, what is the logo in shirt “T”? - GTBuzzed

Ben: I think it’s already been answered, but yes, it’s the Georgia School of Technology logo.

Akshay: IIRC, it’s the original school crest — it’s still used on class rings, I believe.

Jake: It’s not on my class ring, the center “stone” of that (it’s not actually a stone) is the school crest with the gear and such. But, yes, it’s the original monogram-type thing.

Carter: It’s definitely a GST. Could be Georgia School of Technology or Gregory S. Thompson. Who’s Gregory S. Thompson? None of your business, that’s who.

Hello Everybody,

Hope all is well for you this week. It was a mixed bag this weekend with the Hawks getting a win against the 76rs, but our boys in the baseball program losing a heartbreaker to get kicked out of the NCAA playoffs. Oh well, no trip to Omaha this year.

My question this week ties in with the Hawks discussion. For those who don’t keep track of the NBA, the Hawks star player Trae Young and the Mavericks star player Luka Doncic get quite a few comparisons. This is because the Hawks originally drafted Luka but ended up Trading him for Trae (I’m not really sure how the trades work in the NBA, but it wasn’t the picks that were traded to my knowledge. Both players were drafted then traded after both teams picked).

Since their draft Trae and Luka have been constantly compared to each other. Both of these guys are fantastic young players. This is Trae’s first playoffs and he had seen immediate success. While Luka is talented he has yet to win a playoff series with the Mavs. Despite each having their own difficulties which they needed to overcome, that doesn’t take away from either of them though. If things stay as they are you can expect both to be great players in the future.

So, I got all that out of the way to ask my question. What players come to mind that get compared to each other (fairly or unfairly) stat-wise in any sport? To make it fun lets also ask which of the compared players do you think is better, because I enjoy watching people other than me getting yelled at for making controversial statements.

I guess I’ll take an obvious one and compare Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. Being brothers starting on prominent teams in the NFL which played each other its easy to compare the two. I think Peyton was the better QB overall, but it amuses me how Eli managed to keep up. I just feel like Peyton was a more talented QB who dragged his teams along to success, whereas Eli was more of a Forrest Gump type QB who just somehow wound up in these historic situations and lucked his way to success. Yeah, I said it, no way that statement will get me in trouble. Anyway, what do y’all think?

Have a happy start to the summer,

Tom “Better than both those QBs” Brady

Ben: As far as quarterbacks go, take a particular draft in any year and find the two biggest name quarterbacks, and they will be compared for the rest of eternity, no matter how little sense it makes. Some notable ones that I remember are Ryan-Flacco, Luck-RGIII, this year, it’ll be all of the QBs who came after Trevor Lawrence. It happens all the time. In football, at least, I don’t think you see a lot of it outside of quarterback since it’s such a visible position.

Akshay: For a while there, Matt Ryan kept getting compared to Joe Flacco for ??? reasons. Flacco continued a proud Baltimore tradition of defenses dragging offenses to championships, while Ryan led an offense that routinely did the reverse (lack of championships notwithstanding). I’m sure there is a valid explanation for the comparison, but it was, and continues to be, an extremely dubious juxtaposition.