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Mailbag 6/2

What are the best and worst songs to have stuck in your head?

Schools go back in Northern Ireland Photo by Liam McBurney/PA Images via Getty Images

I think Tech can get out of Nashville. Am I wrong, and why? - Bill Brockman

Ben: I think there’s a chance, but I don’t see it happening. Tech can’t have nice things.

Jake: You’re wrong, but I kind of have the same inclination. Vanderbilt has two bonafide aces, and you have to beat (probably) both of them to make it out. But they’ve not been quite as good of late, and the boys from Athens were able to beat them twice. So there’s a chance. And until I (inevitably) get disappointed, I find it’s more fun to agree and have some hope.

Jeff: I’ll agree with you if our feast or famine batters decide to feast those games. Vandy’s strength is in their pitching. While they haven’t been bad offensively they also don’t light up the scoreboard.

Your favorite Christopher Nolan film? Please to defend your answer. - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: I’m going to give you two: The Prestige and Memento. ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** In both of these films, Nolan is able to do similar things. He tells you exactly what is going on, but presents it in a way that is unreliable, so the twist in both of them is that they told you exactly what was going on.

Jake: Dark Knight. Takes place in a great city, I love the bar scene (the actual bar, Twin Anchors, is wonderful) and it’s a rather lacking in Annoying Superhero Tropes™, so I rather like it.

Jeff: I’ll go with Interstellar. While escaping a doomed planet isn’t a new idea the movie seemed original in its approach to doing so and was one of McConaughey’s better roles. Also, superhero movies are vastly overrated and bore me to no end.

What tv series would you like to see get a Friends-style reunion now that the blueprint has been set? - sportsfan4life2012

Ben: So...I didn’t actually like the blueprint that the Friends reunion used. The talk show set up was really strange, and it also doesn’t help that I don’t like James Corden. I also think there was too big a focus on celebrity guests who didn’t appear on the show compared to the guests who actually had screen time. For example, Tom Selleck was a major character throughout the show and was only on screen as long as the barbershop quartet. That kind of irked me. If you are looking for a reunion blueprint, go watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion. It’s just the cast. No fans, no celebrity guests, just the cast. And if you’re going to do this reunion type of thing, that’s how you should do it.

Jake: Give 30 Rock a real one. The pandemic “we’re just using this to announce some show renewals” one last spring kind of stunk. What I wouldn’t give to get a few more seasons of that one.

Jeff: I can’t think of a reunion but they can revive Terra Nova and not leaving their only season with a cliffhanger.

Jake P.: I think The West Wing is the only option.

Ben (again): I started ranting and forgot to answer the question. The answer is Community, and instead of a reunion like we got in the Friends or Fresh Prince one, it should be a movie. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

What series had a horrible finale and you’d prefer to see it get a reunion movie to attempt a do-over to close the series out well? - sportsfan4life2012

Ben: I mean, I think most of us can agree that How I Met Your Mother had a horrible ending, but to change that means you would have to change the entire show, because that’s what the show leads up to. Whether or not that’s a good choice is up for debate. As for this question, I would love to say Game of Thrones, but the big issue with the final season is that everything is so rushed, so to try and cram that into a movie, I feel like that would just make it worse. So, as an alternative, let me propose that the last two seasons of GOT are remade into three full-length seasons.

Jake: I think the whole season 9 of the Office needs to get launched into the sun. So much wrong there, and I think the finale really rushed to a conclusion.

Jeff: Lost, the show was great but the final season seemed like they didn’t know how to wrap things up and was just off. I want to know what the glowing thing they were trying to protect was anyway. Where did the island even come from?

What is a Super Regional and when will Tech see one again? - ramblin gooner

Jake: Apparently they are given to the good boys and girls of the baseball world. Maybe we’ll get one this year, maybe not. Who’s to say?

Jeff: A place for undeserving SEC teams who are given cupcake regionals to get slapped upside the head by a real team.

Favorite profiler and favorite UNSUB from Criminal Minds? - Anuj Bhyravabhotla

Ben: I can’t say that I have ever watched a full episode of Criminal Minds.

Hello Y’all

Good to see baseball made the playoffs, so we can look forward to at least a few more games this year. Also, we can enjoy watching the Hawks continue to go at it in the playoffs down the road (and in NY). The Braves are in the news for the wrong reasons, and Atlanta United is doing mediocre. Can’t have all positives in Atlanta.

Question this week. I have had the song Torn by Natalie Imbruglia stuck in my head all morning. my question is what is the best/worst song to have stuck in your head all day?

Have a nice week y’all

Natalie Imruglia (submitted via email)

Ben: So I visited my family this last weekend because my nephew was turning 2. My sister (not my nephew’s mom), bless her heart, got this boy a vacuum cleaner that plays Baby Shark. Now, this song is my nephew’s favorite song of all time, and I was staying with my sister (my nephew’s mom). Every morning, we would watch like seven or eight different versions of Baby Shark (there was Baby Monkeys, Baby Cars, Baby T-rexes, etc.). Add on top of that the vacuum, which thankfully died before I left, and I never EVER want to hear that song again. In other news, I’m pretty sure I won uncle of the year because I got him a Baby Yoda pillow that is about as big as he is.

Jake: I had the UberConference hold music (it’s what Akshay and I record the podcast on) stuck on loop in my head for a couple hours of the drive from Chicago to Atlanta today, and that was pretty bad. It’s literally a meta song about being left on hold. Why not start with that one?

Jeff: I have two daughters ages three and one. I can give you thousands of songs that I don’t want to be stuck in my head. Baby Shark may hold the title though. Best song is hard to narrow down but I like a good Dance/House beat stuck in my head all day.

Jake P.: This question depends on my mood. My mood as of 11:11 on a Tuesday night in June says that “Pink Houses” by John Mellencamp or “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by CCR. The worst song to have stuck in your head? Honestly, I don’t think I have an answer. It seems that every song stuck in my head is the greatest song in the world to me at the time.