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Mailbag 6/16

With the new expanded CFP, will Notre Dame finally join the ACC for real?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Blue-Gold Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Which will be the first 13th Ranked team to complain about being left out of the 12 Team National Championship Playoff Structure? Over/Under on that team being Notre Dame? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: I think Notre Dame is a good bet, but I’m going to say it’ll be an undefeated G5 champ of some kind. Make your pick.

Logan: I think most of the college football world wants this to happen to ND out of some universal karma. Realistically though I expect ND to lose 5 games and still get in the top 12 because certain portions of the media want them in the playoffs to increase TV ratings. As far as who I think the first team out will be, probably Auburn. That’s a team that will beat up enough good teams to be in consideration but have enough bad loses to just miss out.

Jake: This does seem to be Auburn’s lot in life. Honestly, it’ll probably be the second best Group of 5 champion (or an at large G5) and everyone from said G5 conference will make it UCF 2.0.

Carter: Put undefeated Sun Belt Champion Louisiana at 13 and we’ll all see the real rage in “Ragin’ Cajuns”.

Top 5 breakout candidates for the basketball season (across both men’s and women’s basketball). Go! - Anuj Bhyravabhotla

Logan: Since you didn’t specify Georgia Tech players I’ll take Javonte Perkins (guard, Saint Louis), Storm Murphy (guard, Virginia Tech), Vince Williams Jr. (forward, VCU), JD Notae (guard, Arkansas), and Azuolas Tubelis (forward, Arizona) for returning players I expect to hear about next year.

Jake: Even with as much basketball as I watch, I don’t think I’m educated enough to answer the question. For Tech, though, I am excited to get a full true year of Tristan Maxwell.

How close is Tech to making a super regional? - SullyGT

Logan: In the words of Gerrit Cole “I’m not sure how to answer that.”

Jake: We don’t have the pitching for that, and it looked like we regressed greatly from 2019 to 2020 to 2021. So something is really going to have to fundamentally change, in my opinion, to actually get over the hump.

With Notre Dame not being eligible for a first round bye that is set aside for the four highest seeded conference champions, is it just a matter of time before their football team is part of the ACC? - sportsfan4life2012

Ben: Unless there’s some kind of deal to bring another team into the conference to make it worth their while ($$$), I don’t see Notre Dame joining the ACC. They would still have to beat Clemson to get the bye, which is not an easy task.

Logan: As long as Notre Dame is making more money outside the ACC than they do in the ACC, I don’t think a whole lot will change their opinion on joining the ACC or any other conference.

Jake: Honestly, I kind of hope so. I think them joining would be the impetus behind imploding divisions and going to some sort of pod/protected rivalry scheduling, as 15/16 teams is far too unwieldy for a conference schedule. Three teams of five pods could work, or just protect three or four rivalries per team and rotate the rest. There’s a lot of better ways to do it than we do now is the point.

Carter: For what it’s worth, Notre Dame seems perfectly fine with the arrangement — they’ll have to play 13 games to make a quarterfinal, the same as (almost) everyone else. That said, pretending to be fine with things you’re not actually fine with seems to be a core tenet of Catholicism, so who knows?

If ND (Rudy was offsides!) joins the ACC for football, do we pick up another team to make 16 teams in the conference, and who might that be? Or do we come up with a more creative way to manage 15 teams? - jabsterjacket

Ben: I think that’s the only way you get Notre Dame to join completely.

Jake: Mmmmmm I think I half answered the question above, but I think that it could definitely be managed with only 15, as there are plenty of creative ways to schedule eight or nine conference games between 15 teams. 16, though, would provide better scheduling (one team wouldn’t always be the odd man out) and add more television inventory. The problem is that schools that fit the ACC’s geography, academics, and athletics don’t come along every day.

Carter: Adding Notre Dame in football opens the door to adding a 16th team, and that could be only one school: congrats, UConn!

I have submitted my question via defecating bear in the local woodlands - Notwima13

Ben: Man, this question stinks.

Logan: kinky


Hello Everyone,

Hope everything is going alright for y’all. Hope everyone is staying out of the heat. I just got back from Miami. I thought it was a hot summer where I was, but nothing like Miami. I will never under appreciate Air Conditioning again.

In other news the Hawks and Braves are terrible again. It’s summer so sports won’t be as prevalent for GT, but there are many festivals coming up now that COVID is (mostly) over. I’m looking forward to the Atlanta Summer Beer Fest. I would be looking forward to the Atlanta Ice Cream Festival, but that’s an online event this year.

My question this week is, what festivals are you looking forward to attending (or if you don’t plan on attending which are you most excited to have back)?

Have a good week guys,

The Noid (submitted via email)

Ben: It’s not so much a festival as it is a con, but there’s a comic con-esque event coming up in Savannah next month I’m going to attempt to go to, but I potentially have something else that weekend, so we will see!

Jake: Funny you should mention that, I went to the Summer Beer Festival this weekend, too. That was a nice time, got to try a bunch of different beers from plenty of local places I had never even heard of, and I like to think I’m a relatively adventurous beer drinker. Otherwise, I can’t say I’m much of a festival-goer. If I splurge for myself, it’s usually on sports.

Logan: I’m planning on going to a HVAC convention this summer. Gotta find the right A/C unit to stay cold.

Carter: I had tickets to a beer festival scheduled to take place two weeks after everything went dark. The next edition was announced just yesterday, so that’s the one I’m excited for. Also, concerts are back, and some friends convinced me to go to Red Rocks in October, so looking forward to that as well.