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Mailbag 4/21

What kind of unique shoes would you come up with?

Fredo Celebrates Investment In Kick Game Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Kick Game

Who’s winning the spring game? - SullyGT

Ben: I think it will be easier to determine who loses the Spring Game, which could potentially be everyone.

Carter: Who is winning? Why, it’s you, the viewer!

Robert: The ACC Network gets CONTENT!

Nishant: I forget when he did this but Joey once put in a section on betting lines for the spring game. So ask him.

Jake: Definitely Georgia Tech.

I’m only 5 months late on this, but thoughts on Pantone’s Colors of 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: Well, they are certainly colors, I know that much. I don’t know exactly how these colors are decided. Like, what makes a color better this year versus years past? I have so many questions.

Carter: “Those are Georgia Tech’s colors, right?” - adidas, probably

Nishant: Heisman’s* Gray Devils were so 2019. Heisman’s* Ultimate Gray Devils are the new hotness in 2021.

Jake: I am pleasantly meh on both.

Can we please see more rollouts from Dave Patenaude? - Anuj Bhyravabhotla

Ben: Man, I sure hope so.

Carter: If Patenaude himself is rolling out from under center, we have some serious issues.

Robert: I don’t know the answer to your question, but it does make me want to start including the type of pass play in my charting this season, so thanks for the idea!

Nishant: Sup? I think we’ll see more if the OL improves their ability to move the pocket and the QB improves his ability to make reads on the run. A normal-ish offseason should help with both.

Why did it take so long for Pastner to recruit? Mike Devoe was a top 100 player but he’s been the only one until this upcoming class. Deivon Smith was top 100 as well so now we have three in one class. Hopefully he can keep it up. - Nononsense92

Ben: I’m sure there are a number of factors (building relationships, money, past successes, that whole mess with The Cheetah), but I’m happy to see that things have taken a turn.

Carter: All I’ll say is a couple of offseasons ago Tom Crean swiped the top recruit in Georgia and I thought “that should probably be about it for Josh Pastner”. The folks in Athens have lost five players to the transfer portal since the season ended, so I’m thinking whatever effect Crean had on Pastner’s recruiting may have subsided.

Nishant: This class is a step forward, but I’m concerned that Pastner still isn’t pulling in top recruits out of Metro Atlanta. He’s gotten Usher and now Smith as transfers, so that’s good, but I can’t imagine it’s sustainable to count on a blue-chip player wanting to transfer closer to home every offseason.

Jake: Similar to Nishant, but I will add that I like the trend for sure.

We always ask y’all questions. What questions do you have? - Notwima13

Ben: What are some things you all would like to see from FTRS? Is there any non-Georgia Tech content you would like to see like we’ve done in the past?



Jake: I ask polls in every Yellow Jacket Roundup, but I love hearing y’all tell stories of your connection to Tech or things that predate my time here.

Can you explain why the baseball team is 11-5 on the road and 7-9 at home? - Bill Brockman

Ben: Not even sort of.

Carter: It’s soccer season now.

Jake: Only letting in 100 students. That’s why.

Howdy Ho Neighborinos,

Hope y’all are enjoying this week so far. I’m glad Women’s Volleyball did so well this season. This has been a pretty good year so far for our teams with most of them making it to the postseason in some form or fashion. The womens’ teams in particular have done quite well. I’m hoping things continue to build for those programs, even though I know they don’t get as much notice as most of the other sports. I’m not honestly sure how recruiting works for those programs or if the players are mostly walk-ons... if they are walk-ons that is even more impressive. It’s not my question but if one of you could help elucidate me regarding where those players are typically recruited from and how they develop that would be fascinating.

Well with the actual GT stuff out of the way, my question this week is related to Lil’ Nas’ new shoe line. He put out some kind of demonic shoe with blood in it and pentagrams and upside down crosses... you know all the fun stuff. They sold like hot cakes (they probably sold better than hot cakes, I don’t really know anyone who buys hot cakes anymore). So my question is, if you could come up with some stylized shoe version, what would the style be and what would you add to it to make it “unique” or make it sell? I would make a roller coaster designed heely. looks like people on a coaster riding down a track and when you pull up the heely the people stick their arms up in the air as you coast down the street. that would be cool.

Have a good one guys,

Phil Knight

P.S. any ideas shared in relation to this question become the strict property of Nike for purposes of production and sale. (submitted via email)

Ben: The only right answer to this is hover shoes. That way, instead of getting stuck behind slow-walking people, I can just walk over them.

Nishant: As someone who poured endless hours into Sonic Adventure 2 as a kid, I second Ben’s answer. Give me Shadow’s boots.

Jake: I would like some shoes that are legitimately good for water and land and don’t look weird as heck like those toe shoes.