Non-conference Rivals Worth Playing?

It's the offseason - time to talk about things like rivalries that are no longer played, but should be. Obviously, Georgia Tech has a LOT of football history (just the SEC years alone contributed majorly, and that's not counting all of the rivals who are now conferencemates in the ACC). Some of those former SEC foes remain Yellow Jacket "rivals" - but to what extent? That was the subject of a recent post on ACCFootballRx called "Rivalry Games that SHOULD be Played". It looks at all ACC non-conference rivalries and finds that GT trails only Notre Dame in terms of the number of OOC rivals worthy of playing on a regualr, if not annual, basis.

Included in that list for Georgia Tech are 1. Georgia (duh!), 2. Auburn, 3. Tennessee, and 4. Vanderbilt.

Does that list sound right to you guys? Are there any serious omission? Do you have any desire to play South Carolina or Florida? where does Alabama fall on the list of "rivals"? Is the order correct - specifically, should Auburn really be listed ahead of Tennessee, when the Jackets haven't played the War Eagles in I don't know how long...?

Curious to get y'all's take on all this. Unless you've got something better to do...

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