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Join the 2021 FTRS Bracket Challenge!

Filling out a bracket is an incredible feeling after the past 12 months!

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament- Florida State vs Georgia Tech Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

After two long years, the traditional FTRS Bracket Challenge is back! This is always one of the most fun times of the year for the FTRS community, especially because Georgia Tech is finally in the “Big Dance.” While I wouldn’t recommend throwing your bracket away on the Jackets (going in with low expectations is always the best course of action), you do whatever you want!

You can join the bracket challenge at this link, here (or through the banner above). If you don’t want to join through the link, just search “FTRS Bracket Challenge 21” on the ESPN Tournament Challenge’s search page.

The only prize being offered is the ability to drink from the keg of glory on the site for a year. That’s worth a lot, though.