King of the Hill

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"Not the ending I was hoping for, but I'm still proud of this team.

Next year we rise

GO JACKETS!!!!!!!" - Me, circa 2017

A year in which we made it all the way to the NIT Championship left me legitimately excited for the future of Georgia Tech Basketball under Josh Pastner. After that, I eagerly awaited with anticipation as he would get the pieces and develop them. Starting with Jose Alvarado, who quickly asserted himself as an elite guard and the future leader on a squad that retained a lot of talent from that NIT squad.

Four years later, we have indeed risen. Even though the AD told Pastner not to expect to have a competitive team for a while, it didn't matter. You can't deny the way he brought the talent together and molded them into a resilient, gutsy, scrappy, high energy squad that isn't afraid to go up against anyone. Whether that's a ranked team with elite size and shooting ability like FSU or a blue-blood program with a history of excellence like Duke, this team hung with some giants. They have throughout this period of time, and now there are more giants to face as we head to March Madness.

That first year of basketball with Josh Pastner wasn't lightning in a bottle; it was foreshadowing. And now it has come to fruition. Now we stand at the top of the ACC mountain. And we aren't stopping there. There is still work to be done. This team could surprise people and potentially make a deep run in the tournament. The stories of Pastner's first core Seniors, Jose Alvarado and Moses Wright, isn't finished yet. It's time to continue the next chapter.

Josh Pastner wasn't expected to find success for the first few years of his tenure. But as a wise man who practiced a martial art I also trained in....

"Today not possible, tomorrow possible" - Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee


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