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FTRS Picks Week 15: Regular Season Wrap-up

Season Stats and Army - Navy

us-politics-trump-amfoot Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images

Hello Everyone. It was my first time running the picks this year so I appreciate all the participation during the regular season. I hope everyone enjoyed the pick articles this season and enjoyed the competition. Since there is only one game to pick this week I’m going to take this time to cover a few stats on the year. We are not finished, there will be articles coming out for the bowl games, but I do want to highlight some of the regular season stats from our pickers.

Atletico Mineiro v Fluminense - Brasileirao 2021 Photo by Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

It’s been a long time coming, but with only one remaining game to pick this regular season, Phillip Kaltman is now the official champion of the regular season. There were some periods where other pickers could have caught him, LiterallyEngineersBookstore, GTalbatross, RamblerGambler, and Jahmyr Gibbs’ hair in particular kept things close; but Phillip had only 1 week where he picked below .500, and that made him hard to catch. Congrats Phillip!

New York City FC v Philadelphia Union: 2021 MLS Playoffs - Eastern Conference Final Photo by Ira L. Black - Corbis/Getty Images

While Phillip did dominate, he was not the highest pick percentage person on the year (for people who picked more than 10 weeks). The highest pick percentage went to @LeeNobody, who missed 2 weeks but still maintained a correct pick percentage of 60.33%. Congrats to @LeeNobody for that achievement!

While I said it before, I’ll say it again this week. I also want to celebrate RamblerGambler for having the only perfect pick week. RamblerGambler went 10 or 10 in week 11. While he wasn’t able to catch Phillip this is still quite an achievement, hopefully it leads to good things for you in the future.

I have been listing the winners each week at the top of my articles. Last week we had a 6 way tie. HoustonJacket, dakota bull, Whatever, Sportsfan4life2012, Jahmyr Gibbs’ hair, and SullyGT all had 7 correct picks in the championship weekend. Congrats to those guys.

As the season wraps up I hope everyone had fun and continues to enjoy the picks going into the bowl season. I know I had my struggles setting this up but I enjoyed setting this up each week and seeing how things played out. If you have anything you want to see from these articles in the future feel free to let me know and I’ll have something to work on in the offseason, or possibly during the basketball or baseball season as we move forward. Anyway, let’s get down to the one game this week.

Pick Standings

Army Black Knights (-7.5) v Navy Midshipmen
(Played in MetLife Stadium, Rutherford New Jersey)

Army v Navy

Logan: Army v Navy is a college football institution. In many ways it is the original definition of what a rivalry game is with traditions in taunting, stealing mascots, and pranks all while surrounded by heavy duty military hardware. In recent years this has not been the most important game to college football, but given the organizations in play the game still means plenty to our country and makes for a fun reminder of the heart of college football. Pageantry, Tradition, Comradery, Rivalry, is all fun and help us (hopefully) enjoy ourselves in different ways.

Navy QB Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada... SetNumber: X77146 TK1 R3

This year Army comes in as the clear favorites. The Black Knights have a 8-3 record compared to Navy’s 3-8. To be fair, Navy has played many more difficult opponents such as Notre Dame, Cincy, and SMU so the poor record isn’t totally unwarranted. Navy started putting things together as the season came to an end, and as an college football fan knows rivalries games can just not make sense some times (see Bama @ Auburn).

One trend I’ve seen over the past few years, other than Army winning 4 of the past 5 games, is that when Army wins the game tends to be close whereas when Navy wins it can be more of a blowout. With that in mind, despite Army being the clear favorite, I will play the odds and say the game stays close enough for Navy to cover. Hopefully that makes for a fun game, I’m looking forward to it before we enter the bowl season.

Logan’s Pick: Navy covers