An Open Letter to Georgia Tech Volleyball

Dear Georgia Tech Volleyball:

A lot has been made of the culture built on effort. A lot has been made of playing "above the line". A lot has been made of being #404theculture and the tenants of Grit, Relentless Effort, Attitude, and Tenacity. But through it all there's been one team that has embodied it this year...

You guys.

We've seen it all season but it really hit a crescendo tonight. You guys went toe to toe with number 1 Louisville. In Louisville. And despite all of that, you never gave in. You never folded. You never backed down. You never surrendered. You kept pushing until the bitter end. You kept attacking until the final point. Even when Louisville put together some extended runs that everybody thought would bury y'all. And that tenacity and relentlessness definitely helped keep it close throughout, even picking up a set in the process.

It was truly a beautiful thing to watch, even if the result didn't go your way. And it reinforces one undeniable truth about the sport: it's never over until the final point. No lead is ever too large. And you are not bound by a time limit; there is no 0:00 in this sport. All you need is to believe, to keep believing, and to fight until that final match point is finally put down. And that is exactly what you did. And that is what you will continue to do.

Words cannot truly express how proud I am with the effort you gave to this game. Nor can they express how proud I was to support you through it all. It is near impossible to convey my appreciation for the core you built over the last few years or for the foundation that has been built to ensure this high standard of excellence for years to come. So all I will say is this....

Thank you. Thank you for the blood sweat and tears you've poured into the season. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to represent the Institute and the 404 with pride. And thank you for an extremely memorable season; it was a pleasure being with y'all along the way. I can't wait to see what the future brings and what great things this program will do!

And to the seniors, thank you for everything you've done. The impact you have left on the Institute and the program is indelible, and we will eagerly await the greatness that is sure to come in the future.

With your noble character you will develop a new permanence in life.

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