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Mailbag 12/1

With Clemson’s down year, is the ACC suddenly wide open?

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Maryland v Wake Forest Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Ed. Note: Before we get started with the mailbag, I wanted to address this question. I know the commenter didn’t mean anything harmful with it, but it makes for a good example for the point I make.

Fun with mad libs. Complete the following with single words or rants. Bonus credit for entertaining answers.

Ben: I decided to remove this question, but I do want to use this space to address my reasoning. I recently had a commenter reach out to me via email and bring up a good point. If the website is going to have guidelines in place regarding bullying, personal attacks, etc., then those guidelines should protect more than just the commenters; they should also extend to the subject matter. And for that, the staff at FTRS should not be above the rules. I know this season has been rough, and we have fallen into that trap, but rest assured, we will do better.

Is Sims your starter against Clemson? - thebugman10

Ben: I know you asked this prior to Yates announcing his intentions to grad transfer, but I think even if he had stayed, Sims is more than likely going to be the starter next season. I wouldn’t hate Tech bringing in another veteran quarterback (Harrison Bailey, perhaps?) to compete with him, but with the roster as it stands right now, I’ll say Sims is the starter next year.

Carter: I mean..... it’s not gonna be me, I can tell you that.

Logan: Will he still be on the roster at that point?

Chris: Assuming he stays I think that’s probably the case unless we get a strong transfer. Still though, we have no idea who will be calling offensive plays and what type of QB they need for their scheme so anything can happen. I’d say lets wait to talk about this until we officially have an OC under contract.

Sammy: Provided he doesn’t transfer or get hurt, yes. And given there’s not a very good chance we snag someone better from the portal, double yes. Now, it does greatly depend on the new OC, as Chris mentioned. I still like Jeff Sims a lot, if he can limit the mistakes.

Jake: If he doesn’t leave, I don’t see how it could possibly not be him. Who else is there with any experience?

Robert: 30% chance.

Gibbs to the Transfer Portal. This one stings, even if many felt it was probably coming. Do you think this changes the calculus with how the Athletic Department views another year with Geoff Collins? IMHO, this is the loss that will hurt the most but if we lose more ‘high ceiling’ players to the Transfer Portal and/or lose the few high-profile recruits we do have, ADTS will need to do something drastic to show us he is committed to getting everything turned around immediately. - NCYellowJacket

Ben: I think a lot more would have to happen for Collins to get nixed before next season at this point.

Carter: The thing about calculus is, it doesn’t change. You can trust me on this, I dropped Calc III twice before passing it the third time.

Logan: I’m pretty sure Geoff won’t get let go before the end of next season... but I was also pretty sure Gibbs wouldn’t transfer until it actually happened. So there’s hope I guess.

Chris: Agree with Ben, I think we’d have to see several more players transfer. Still though, I have to imagine ADTS and CGC had an uncomfortable conversation about it.

Sammy: The “I have my guy” comments are starting to reflect even more poorly on Stansbury ... so I would imagine he’s a few steps closer to pulling the rug out from underneath Collins.

Jake: It certainly seems like it is emblematic of a problem that goes deeper than losses if the thing that did work - the recruiting - is now being outpaced by “the guy” leaving.

Robert: Despite my protestations otherwise, everything continues to line up for one more go at it for Collins. Stansbury appears quite involved in the search for assistants (which is not the norm). There are ongoing negotiations about how the total staff compensation will play out. But there’s a commitment from ADTS to give it one more shot, from everything that I know.

Is Gibbs transferring a self fulfilling prophecy? - thebugman10

Ben: Potentially, but it seems like really, he just wants to win. And honestly, I get that. Losing isn’t fun, and he could play pretty much wherever he wants.

Carter: Yes, and specifically, it’s you that made it happen. I found the guy, everyone! It’s his fault!

Logan: Not sure what the self fulfilling part is... Like someone online said it would happen and then it happened? I guess from that perspective, yes.

Chris: I don’t think it has anything to do with people being afraid he would do it if that’s what you mean. Here’s my guess: he obviously is on an NFL path and he started thinking and talking with his camp about what next season looks like for him. Option A was stick around in a bad situation with a new OC that may have a scheme that doesn’t fit him, Option B is find exactly what he wants at another (winning) program. Not to say firing Patenaude caused it, but I have to imagine the events of the last couple days were the final straw.

Sammy: I think it probably went more like this - people really close to Gibbs, people who he trusts, said leave if you want to win. So he left. And I imagine he will win. Can’t blame him one bit.

Jake: I agree with Sammy. It certainly was not, however, because some Twitter fellow tweeted it into existence with existential dread doomposting.

Can it get worse? - YellowJacketHeritage

Ben: Yes. Yes, it can.

Carter: Oh, so much worse!

Logan: hahahahahaha... oh brother. It can always get worse. I’m still waiting for Georgia Tech to decide to just cancel the football program because its too expensive to maintain.

Chris: Please for the love of God do not ask that question.

Sammy: Aye.

Jake: We can always win zero games in a year. That would be worse. Also, we are sitting at the highest collective mark of the rest of the athletic program in the last decade. So, yes, it absolutely can get worse. Enjoy volleyball and basketball for what they are, tune out the football, is my advice.

Robert: I heard someone say this morning, “Don’t challenge worse.” Sounds right to me. Just one example: GTAA fundraising was fantastic last year. That doesn’t have to remain the case.

A second question is, is ADTS prepared to cut Collins mid season to get ahead of next years coaching carousel? - YellowJacketHeritage

Ben: I wouldn’t be surprised to see Collins get cut mid-season, but I think it depends on the language of his buyout.

Carter: He might wanting to send feelers out early, is all I’m sayin’.

Logan: I don’t know what is going on in ADTS’s head. He seems to like Collins despite all that is going on.

Chris: I could see it. There’s a very high chance we start the season 1-3. If the first two conference games after Clemson don’t go well then I think you pull the trigger.

Sammy: He should be. If he waits until the team is 3-8, all the good candidates will be gone.

Jake: Given the Godsey and Wisenhunt searches, I’m unsure if “prepared” or “process” are the right words to be using here.

Robert: A midseason buyout would cost about $10 million, while a post 12/1 buyout is about $7.2. If the money is there, if a candidate emerges who would take the job before the end of the season, and/or if the revenue is really suffering, a mid-year move is definitely possible.

Drew: Given the buyout drop I gotta think they wait until the end of the season to make any official announcement. But, if things are going badly next year you can be sure that the AD will be making some inquiries during the season.

Did Saban use all his black magic to win at Auburn? - Bill Brockman

Ben: He certainly used some black magic to pull that off, but knowing Nick Saban, he probably still has some tricks up his sleeve.

Carter: Hah, you think it’s magic. Puny, limited mortal.

Logan: There is a reason that Saban rhymes with Satan. He doesn’t run out of black magic, he just sucks some more souls up to keep winning games.

Chris: Auburn giveth and Auburn taketh away.

Sammy: If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, uga is going to win next week. They are a much better team.

Jake: Auburn cannot simply be handled or predicted. Auburn is as Auburn does. Saban rode the tiger and came out a winner, as he often has. But never say lightning can’t strike twice in a month.

Who is the best OC available that can bring a creative scheme and a new dynamic to Tech? - Rbissman

Ben: If they can pull off the ultimate coup, my dream hire is Dan Mullen. Bringing his version of the spread option would actually give me hope that Collins can right the ship. He is a proven offensive coordinator with a history of developing quarterbacks. Since that probably isn’t going to happen, my other top choices are Ian Shoemaker, Chip Lindsey and Zach Kittley.

Chris: Willy Korn. Mullen would be awesome, but probably extremely unlikely. Chip Lindsey and Zach Kittley would also be neat.

Sammy: Honestly not sure who’s technically “available” but anyone is available if the money is right. I love the idea of Dan Mullen coming to The Flats, but can’t imagine him working for someone that used to be on his staff. That being said, maybe we go after one of those other Florida guys? Gainesville is kind of in shambles, too, so maybe people want to leave. Tim Brewster? He has ACC ties, used to be at FSU then UNC. And he worked with CGC at Mississippi State. No coordinator experience but the guy can recruit.

Robert: For creative scheme and new dynamic, Willy Korn and Zach Kittley definitely top that list for me. Korn has been part of the super fun shotgun-spread option-throw the ball to wide open guys offense at Coastal, and Kittley has directed the fireworks at Houston Baptist and Western Kentucky after working with Mahomes a few years back at TTU.

Collins’ old job just became available; any interest in “going home”? - Ramblin WRECKED

Ben: Well considering how happy Temple fans were to be rid of him, I don’t think they have any interest in taking him back.

Logan: Nah man, not unless they pay him more than we are.

Chris: Once you get that sweet P5 HC gig I don’t think you go back to G5 for anything.

Sammy: He’s still building something. Give it time. It’s a 100-piece LEGO set, but it’s something.

Jake: Can’t see anyone on their part wanting that.

Robert: If only we were so fortunate.

Carter: Ain’t no WaHos in Philly.

What would you like to put in CGC’s stocking this year? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: Zach Kittley.

Logan: Nacho cheese, kind of like that Halloween commercial with the QB from the Browns.

Chris: snake in a can toy.

Sammy: A 50-piece LEGO set.

Jake: Normal socks.

Robert: My advanced stats columns.

Carter: [Ben advised me to remove this answer.]

Since Wake Forest and Pitt are in the championship game, does this mean the ACC is now wide open for anyone to take it? - Osmosis_Jones

Ben: I’m curious to see what Clemson does this offseason to try to right the ship. I think they’ll probably add a QB through the Portal, so I don’t anticipate anyone but Clemson winning the ACC next year.

Carter: No, because that would imply that Georgia Tech can win it.

Logan: uhh... depends on your definition of “anyone”, but sure I could see 5 or 6 contenders next year if Clemson doesn’t bounce back (depending on who returns).

Chris: I am fairly confident Clemson will bounce back. Coastal-wise sure - its as random as it’s always been. Except for Duke.

Sammy: I don’t know. I feel like FSU is on the rise, but probably won’t contend next year. Miami has some drama of their own. Clemson will be good. UNC is recruiting really well. Gotta think Pitt takes a step back when Kenny leaves. I think Clemson and UNC are still the favorites heading into next year.

Jake: I think this is an aberration. Do I like it? Yes. But I still feel like next year will be more chalky.

I seem to remember that some got rather cranky when the possibility of Gibbs hitting the portal got brought up again. That he had given no indication… Just doomspeak etc etc etc… Sorry couldn’t help but jab, but in that vein, what has been your best and worst prediction or statement for the Tech football season? - gtbadcarma

Ben: I will say that yes, I was a little cranky with all the Gibbs talk, but I will stand by what I said that it doesn’t do much good to doompost about things like that. My worst prediction was that Jeff Sims would be the best QB in the ACC this year.

Carter: For me, probably this one.

Chris: In the predictions for this season I nailed Gibbs having exactly 1800 all-purpose yards but also said we could win 8 games.

Sammy: I said uga would beat us by a million, and I was wrong. In all seriousness, I thought we had a chance to win four straight after the bye week, and give Notre Dame a tough battle on the road.

Jake: I don’t know that I ever wrote this down, but I said we could still win the Coastal after the UNC win, and, well, that statement looks pretty silly now. As for the best, well, those are all probably pertaining to volleyball.

Robert: The worst was writing a “Proof of Concept” column after the UNC game. The best was my kickoff column for the 100 Days to Kickoff series, where I said the runway was shorter than we thought, and that we typically know what we have in a coach by year 2 or 3.

What do y’all think about this coaching carousel spinning at Mach 5? - Namrebeil

Ben: There’s definitely been a lot that is going on with Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly! I’m very intrigued to see how they get replaced. There’s a rumor that Brent Venables is in contention for the OU job, and that would be a pretty drastic change that could be a lot of fun to see the fallout from.

Logan: I like watching F-1 so this is kind of cool. Look at how fast they go.

Chris: This is what Twitter was made for. God it’s fun to watch.

Sammy: That Lincoln Riley move was a classic. “I’m not going to be the next coach at LSU................. BECAUSE I’LL BE IN CALIFORNIA BABYYYYYY YOU SEE THOSE PALM TREES THEY’RE HUGE!!!”

Jake: I hate it so much. None of these coaches deserve that kind of money. Stop cutting swimming and tennis and backing up Brinks trucks to guys who leave their program and their team for the highest bidder. The economics of this sport are a sham.

How to respond to trolling from uga fans? - Bill Brockman

Ben: Just don’t let them enjoy it.

Logan: I just self depreciate, they lose interest when they realize your self esteem can’t get any lower. Kind of like when you play dead when you get attacked by a bear... or were you not supposed to do that?

Chris: “Yeah man, we suck, who cares”.

Sammy: I went to South Bend a few weeks ago, and as we were parking the car, a uga fan was getting out of his car. Laughing, and in total jest, we asked, “What are you even doing here?” To which he replied, “Came to watch Georgia Tech get their a** beat.” And he stormed off. Real nice guy. We started walking to the game, met up with a few other Tech friends for a bit, then enjoyed the pregame festivities at one of the most historic sites in all of college football. We all know how that game went, we left, and started our drive back to Chicago. In the roughly six/seven hours that we were there, while watching our Jackets get demolished by the home team, the biggest jerk we ran into was a uga fan. Even the drunk ND students were more friendly. I’m not sure if this answers your question, but I think we’ve all just learned to live with it, especially those of us who grew up in the State of Georgia.

Jake: Saturday, I was stadium in line for a beverage. I was wearing my Georgia Tech football jersey - white with gold numbers, the original bookstore option when adidas became the supplier - for the first time at a game all year, since I’ve mostly been rocking Section 103 and Homefield Apparel stuff. The only option they had at the bookstore was #1, so I got that. Anyways, flash forward back to 2021, and I’m standing in line when three guys come up behind me and start ribbing me about Tech. I was trying to mind my own business, but they go on about the usual nonsense, and I was trying to be amicable when one of them says something along the lines of “that jersey is the same number of points you’ll score today!” and then when I said I would honestly be impressed if we managed to pull off scoring just one point, which he had noted he thought was impossible, I was called a dumb nerd who didn’t know the rules of football. In my defense, it IS possible, though almost impossibly rare, hence why I said I would be impressed if it happened. Point is, ignore it, it’s not even worth engaging to be welcoming.

Hear me out guys

My brother in law, who is a dwag fan, actually had a great idea of who we should target for our next head coach. Are you ready?

Ed. Orgeron.

Let’s will this into existence just like everyone did Gibbs transferring. - thebugman10

Ben: lol that would be something. Personally, I could see him take Billy Napier’s spot coaching the Ragin’ Cajuns. That seems like a match made in heaven.

Logan: But what food would he eat? Who serves gumbo in Atlanta? Setting this question up so I know where to get Gumbo in Atlanta.

Chris: GOD that would be fun for like a year but I don’t think it would work out long-term.

Sammy: Waffle House serves chili, not gumbo.

Jake: It seems to be almost antithetical to the past for years of #4the404.

Drew: It’s funny to think about, but there was that whole off the field stuff that’s disqualifying.

Carer: Yeah. Do it. Why not?

When does the Georgia Tech fanbase wake up from its pro-style fever dream and get back to winning football games with the triple option? - YankeeJacket

Ben: While I am a fan of the option, it’s absolutely ludicrous to think that’s the only way that Tech can be successful. The offense has made significant progress since 2019, but the defense is the reason this team was so bad. Solid recruiting and good coaching will take you a long way in college football. Tech is just severely lacking in one of those departments.

Sammy: I don’t mind incorporating the option more often, but I don’t want the triple option as our primary offense. We ran a lot of option with Joe Hamilton back in the day, but we also had a dynamic passing attack. I don’t think we need to run “pro-style” because I’m honestly not even sure what that means anymore. A lot of pro teams are running RPOs and stuff like that nowadays. We just need coaches who can develop. And an offensive line.

Robert: Sure, if it’s in the Coastal Carolina vein.

Logan: Can we get coach Kenny from Navy? I know people have stopped being as big on him recently, but I like his gumption.


Can we have an offense that does not need 5 star recruits to win more than three games? Can we have a coach and a brand of football that inspires us? - YankeeJacket

Ben: With any luck, the offensive coordinator will do just that.

Sammy: Yes.

Jake: I sure hope so.

Robert: Yes and Yes. See: Ralph Friedgen and Paul Johnson as exhibits A and B.

Logan: The Magic Conch says “Maybe someday”.

Carter: Pretty sure we had an offense that did that once. Think it might have even won an Orange Bowl.

Jeff Monken or Brian Bohannon? - YankeeJacket

Ben: My initial thought would be Jeff Monken, as he’s more experienced. If I’m being honest, though, I don’t think Tech is going to hire anyone from the Paul Johnson tree of coaches anytime in the near future.


Jake: I wanted Brian Bohannon the last time around...

Logan: Kevin Kelley from Presbyterian.

Carter: I was leaning Bohannon the last time and..... oh? What’s that? Kennesaw’s loss to Georgia Tech was their only one on the year so far and they’re back in the FCS playoffs? Imagine that!

Somebody called Dave Patenaude’s play calling hella vanilla and after some introspect I’m beginning to realize they were right. Jahmyr Gibbs reminds me of Alvin Kamara yet they didn’t use him like that (and hopefully his next OC will). Therefore, for me it doesn’t matter who we hire as long as they are willing to adapt play calling to their personnel strengths. A lot of the running plays were draw, up the gut, or zone read with a few outside zone and miscellaneous toss/option plays thrown in every now and then. Obviously each RB that we have remaining (plus the two that hopefully will sign with us) have different skillsets: e.g. Dontae Smith makes plays in space and Jamious Griffin and Jordan Mason are good power runners/blockers. What schematic ticks do we need/want to see from the next guy (e.g. speed option, more toss plays, triple option, that lead sweep from the KSU game, etc.... Please recommend real play calling concepts)? (submitted via email)

Ben: With the departure of Jahmyr Gibbs and Jordan Mason, I think Georgia Tech is in a really good spot to transition to another style of offense. The offense, with its present personnel, does not have a superstar player that you should mold on offense around. Instead, let’s look at what you do have. A running back who is good in space, a mobile QB who has some issues with accuracy, a subpar offensive line, and a group of receivers with some promise. From here, I think you can go in two directions. The first is to go full air raid. In an air raid offense, you are reliant on a lot of quick decisions, quick passes, so you don’t have to worry as much about having an amazing offensive line. With the depth Tech has at receiver, I think this would bode really well. It would also allow Dontae Smith to get the ball in space. Unfortunately, that offense relies on having a quarterback who can put good touch on the ball and can make quick decisions. Both of those are things that Jeff Sims struggles with. The other type of offense I have in mind is the spread option. This would allow the offense to rely heavily on option concepts (which a good deal of them are at least somewhat familiar with) and the running game. While that offense might be a better fit for Sims, I don’t know that it fits the best for the rest of the team. The biggest negative on the offense right now is the OL, so you need to scheme around that. Personally, I think the air raid is the best way to go (assuming Tech can pick up a solid QB in the portal).

Carter: I had an answer but then I read the first sentence of Ben’s and got depressed.

The expected rash of transfers and decommits from this program is worrisome, but that’s not worries me. What does is that the ones that we do retain (especially the higher rated ones) will instead come in and flame out because they put pressure on themselves to be “the guy”. You know what I’m talking about. The recruit that can come in and single-handedly either turn a program around or bring it to relevance (if only for a year). Think Joe Burrow at LSU, Tim Tebow at UF, Julio Jones at Alabama, or (if you wanna go there) Justin Thomas. Do we have any recruits that profile like that or is my concern misplaced? (submitted via email)

Ben: Given how active Geoff Collins and Co. have been in the transfer portal, I don’t know that I foresee this becoming too much of an issue. You can even look at this past season when you would think a guy as talented as Jahmyr Gibbs was supposed to be “the guy.” He played a lot and really well, but the offense wasn’t solely reliant on him.

Jake: Ben said it really well. I wouldn’t say I’m super concerned about this.

Hey Guys,

Hope everything is going well... outside of all the bad GT news this week.

I gotta get more serious than usual as we approach the end of the season. I have a few questions going into the championship games. Hopefully these are pretty easy questions so here we go.

Hopefully all those questions took your mind off things for a bit, later guys,


Coco Crisp (submitted via email)

1) Do we expect either of the teams in the ACC championship to be a consistent threat to win the ACC in the future (similar to Clemson consistently coming out of the Atlantic, that is consistently in the ACC championship but not necessarily a CFP threat)?

Ben: I’m curious to see how Pitt reloads. Kenny Pickett has been a very good QB for them, and if they can replace him adequately, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pitt make a return trip to the championship game. As far as Wake, Dave Clawson has that program on a really good trajectory, so I could see them making some noise.

Carter: Great question! No, I do not.

Logan: umm... not in the same sense as Clemson. Maybe Pitt, I just can’t see Wake consistently beating the Tigers.

Chris: Pitt yes. Wake no.

Sammy: I can see Pitt competing for a couple reasons - they are a good program historically and the Coastal is always up for grabs. Heck - Pitt was there in 2018 (they got destroyed, but they were there). Wake is certainly not the Wake of the past, but rarely are Clemson and FSU garbage at the same time, so I can’t see them consistently competing for the Atlantic title.

Jake: Pitt seems to have the clearer ability to based on past pedigree and program history, but I’m less sure of their coaching staff to develop than I am that of Wake. I think a Pitt that still played in Pitt Stadium and had a bit more of their own identity - returning to yellow and royal blue is a good start - could rule the northeast a la Penn State, but they play second fiddle football not only in their own city, but their own stadium.

Robert: Unlikely. Both have gotten historically good seasons from QBs that don’t seem replicable. Pitt and Wake are definitely both capable of having a great season, but they have recruiting limitations that make sustained great seasons very difficult.

2) Do we expect Clemson to bounce back as a CFP contender next year, or are they going to be more of a 2 loss team?

Ben: Yeah, I think Clemson will be back in form in the next year or two. Their defense hasn’t missed a beat. If they can bring in a good QB, I think they’ll be fine.

Carter: Unfortunately, I think they will be back just in time to hold Georgia Tech to less than 15 points for the fourth year in a row.

Logan: Not necessarily. I think they will need to really dominate next year to prove they aren’t a joke. People really dumping on the ACC this year has taken Clemson down a notch.

Chris: I expect it. They actually have good coaches that will be able to figure it out.

Sammy: Yeah, they’ll be a contender, but I think they’ll probably be a 1-loss team that gets left out because of their schedule or something stupid.

Jake: I think they’ll bounce back, barring the seismic shifts we’ve seen around the sport hitting them, too. Their best bet is their defense, but if they see big name departures there, then, well, I think it’s anyone’s guess what could happen.

Robert: Yes. They’ve played like a playoff contender the last 3-4 weeks, and they bring back plenty next year.

3) If Bama pulls the upset, are you expecting the committee to include both uga and Bama in the top 4, and who gets left out in that case assuming all the other top contenders (Ok St., Cincy, Michigan) win?

Ben: I think it would put the committee in a peculiar predicament. Georgia has clearly been the best team in college football all season and should absolutely be in the playoff. If Alabama somehow beats them, I think it’s a pretty clear argument they should be too. Personally, I don’t think the committee will have to worry about this.

Carter: There’s really nothing keeping georgia out bar a complete demolition by the Tide. Cincy is probably getting left out.

Logan: Unfortunately that is the case... Only team that would get left out other than Cincy is Baylor if they beat Ok St in a close game.

Chris: Yeah absolutely. In that scenario I think it would be (in no order) Bama, UGA, Michigan (assuming they actually win the Big 10), and Oklahoma State (assuming they actually win the Big 12). Low key I think Brian Kelly leaving might actually convince the weird committee to leave them out.

Sammy: To be fair, I’m answering this after seeing the most recent rankings. Yes. The dwags are in regardless. Bama is in if they win. I originally thought Bama would be left out if they lose, but I think ND is going to be left out no matter what now, which basically gives Bama a free spot if two out of these three lose - Cincy, Oklahoma State, Michigan. But since you asked what would happen if they all win - here’s what I think the almighty committee will do: 1) Bama, 2) UGA, 3) Michigan, 4) Cincy.

Jake: As much as I hate to admit it, that would be the case for sure. There’s no way the school in Athens gets left out of the playoff at this point, it seems. Alabama’s win would make it two SEC teams, rather than one. As someone who just wants to see something different, well, seeing two SEC teams in would be...not that. The most certain thing, though, is that whoever wins the SEC is going to be the #1 seed, that much is certain.

Robert: I think it would go Bama, Michigan, UGA, Cincy in that case.

4) is there a scenario in which ND can get into the playoff, and who would need to lose for this to happen?

Ben: If Michigan and Cincy both lose, I could see ND getting the nod.

Logan: A lot of people have to lose, but yes. Because Notre Dame things.

Chris: Bama, Michigan, Cincy, Oklahoma State.

Sammy: I think they’re out. Mostly because Brian Kelly left when he did. If Cincy, Oklahoma State, and/or Michigan lose, and ND gets left out, those seniors should fly down to Baton Rouge and toilet paper his house.

Jake: Notre Dame is in with two of these four things happening: Alabama, Michigan, Oklahoma State, and Cincinnati losing.

5) Regarding basketball, can you give me 2 or 3 things we need to do to win our upcoming game against Wisconsin?

Logan: Get rebounds, get rebounds, and get rebounds... I just really like rebounds.

Sammy: Turn the ball over less than 10 times (right now we’re averaging 13.3/game; Wiscy only averaging 9), someone other than Michael Devoe needs to score more than 10 points, and yeah, rebound the ball.

Jake: Devoe is going to need help and we’re going to need to make our free throws. Pastner has shown effective at using shifty defenses to stymie opponents, but it is going to take a stout defense to win this, and not giving the ball to our opponents on the boards or with fouls. However, if we get Wisconsin in a shootout, they haven’t shown a real knack at pouring in points against major opponents, which would tilt the odds back in our favor.

Drew: They gotta hit some threes. The Badgers are fantastic at interior defense and Tech doesn’t have the weapons to brute force them inside. Gotta hit some threes to make up for that. Also avoid turnovers. Giving this Wisconsin team extra possessions in a slow game is a bad idea.

6) If we beat Wisconsin, what is your hype factor on the basketball season moving forward?

Logan: Not gonna lie, that means we can compete against most of the top teams in the ACC. Basketball might become my new favorite sport if that happens.

Sammy: Agreed. Wisconsin’s legit. I’ll be pretty hyped. LIT, as the kids like to say.

Jake: It’s by far the best opponent we’ll have seen yet. My expectations are pretty high for this year, and this would be a great justification for them. Tech likely has the tools to play with anyone if we show out in the game.

Drew: This would make up for the Miami loss in the opener and bring Tech to slightly above my expectations for the year. I’d be very excited to see this team against another weak ACC slate.

7) What’s the better name change: Ron Artest -> Metta World Peace or Enes Kanter -> Enes Freedom?

Carter: Chad Johnson —> Chad Ochocinco

Logan: Metta World Peace, it’s just so meta.

Sammy: Metta World Peace, especially since he’s partially known for his involvement in one of the least peaceful events in sports history.

Jake: What Sammy said. I am a fan of the irony.