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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Bobby Mooney Commits!

Legacy Offensive Lineman Bobby Mooney joins the 2022 class!

Brent Key continued to build the future of his offensive line room today. Just after noon on the East Coast, Bobby Mooney became the 19th member of the 2022 Georgia Tech Football Recruiting Class.

Mooney has been effusive in his excitement about Georgia Tech since receiving an offer two weeks ago. His late father, Mike Mooney, was a starting offensive tackle for Georgia Tech’s 1990 National Championship Team, and Bobby has long dreamed of following in his dad’s footsteps.

Today, his dream becomes a reality. At 6-7, 330 lbs., the younger Mooney projects as an enormous offensive tackle in his own right. He’s finishing his high school playing days at Wilson High School in Long Beach, CA after spending the last few years at La Quinta HS. Like Zeek Biggers last year, Mooney has flashed his athletic versatility by also being a significant contributor on the Varsity basketball team.

There’s not much out there in the way of evaluation or tape for Mooney. From what I can gather, COVID wiped out his 2020 season, and he’s been a late bloomer who really caught the eye of the GT coaching staff this season. We’re excited to welcome him to carry on the Mooney family legacy in the Georgia Tech offensive line room!