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Basketball: Dallan Coleman’s Performance Helps Vault Jackets Over Lamar

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Georgia Tech at Loyola-Chicago Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score: Georgia Tech 75 - 66 Lamar

Georgia Tech continued its trend of starting hot against Lamar last night. Tech pushed the tempo early and used some fantastic shooting from Freshman Guard Dallan Coleman to achieve a 17 point lead at the half.

The Yellow Jackets struggled to maintain the lead in the second half though. Early in the half the need to maintain the fast tempo seemed to lead to more mistakes on the floor. Costly turnovers and some mediocre free throw shooting did allow Lamar to cut the score to 4 points with 6:05 minutes left in the game.

Thankfully The Jackets were able to use their 3 point shooting to put a capper on the game and walk away with the 75-66 win.

There were both good aspects to appreciate from this game, and some bad looks to learn from. Dallan Coleman stepped up off the bench to lead all scorers with 19 points on the game. The team 3 point shooting was also a highlight. The team as a whole took advantage of the open looks given to them on the perimeter and went 12-25 from 3,

Michael Devoe did not put up the same quantity of shots we are used to seeing, but he did contribute significantly by adding 7 rebounds and 6 assists to Georgia Tech’s Tally by the end of the game. Jordan Usher and Rodney Howard contributed 8 rebounds each.

On the downside Tech shot 7-13 from the Free Throw line and had 10 turnovers, which allowed Lamar to get back into the game. Hopefully Coach Pastner and the team can learn from some of their mistakes and continue to move forward. They’ll need to going into a big rivalry game on Friday.

The Jackets next game will be in Athens this Friday at 9 pm est. against the dwags. Be sure to tune in.