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Beyond the Flats: Chris Milton

Speed Kills

North Carolina v Georgia Tech

In this weekly feature, we’ll take a look at what Tech’s finest are up to since leaving the Institute. This week, we focus on Chris Milton.

Paired with the likes of Jamal Golden and the Austin brothers, Chris Milton had a great career at Tech. He was always around the ball, breaking up and intercepting passes and making quarterbacks think twice about throwing his way. The highlight of his career was a pick six against Clemson in 2014, where he showed off his track speed as his blazed down the sideline. I was in the student section that day, and there were few moments that sent us into a frenzy more than seeing Milton streak into the end zone and celebrate with us all.

After going undrafted in 2016, Milton made the most of his abilities and found a home in the NFL as a gunner with the Indianapolis Colts. Noted Georgia Tech aficionado Pat McAfee even credited Milton for some of his success, as a punter is nothing without talented and committed gunners.

After three seasons with the Colts, Milton landed with the Tennessee Titans and spent two seasons in Nashville. While he remains unsigned thus far in 2021, Milton has stuck to his guns, carved out a lane for himself, and made a solid career for himself. I wish Chris the best and will keep a lookout for him to land on a roster sometime soon.