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FTRS Picks Week 11: The Post Miami Hangover

Good or bad, a trip to Miami always ends with a hangover

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Last week we had a tie at the top spot between Ben Tankersly, and HeJeebu with 7 correct picks. Congrats guys.

Pick Standings

Just keep it down guys. I got a bad hangover after last weekend’s trip to Miami. I know I’m usually pretty loud, but after one too many Tiki drinks and watching GT lose by slowly bleeding away the lead... I just don’t have the energy.

Perfect Harmony - Season 1 Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

There’s plenty of good matchups this week. Matchups that may decide the results of a few different conferences, but its just hard for me to think about right now. The whole college football thing makes my head hurt.

Ugh... well you know what they say, only way to end a hangover is to start drinking again. I’m gonna grab a Pina Colada and queue up the GT hype tape. Lets get ready for this weekend guys!!!

picks for this week:

Boston College Eagles @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-2)

Logan: This one hurts. What did we do to make Vegas favor us in this matchup? Boston College dominated Virginia Tech last week, a team that we lost badly to at Homecoming by the way, and we lost to Miami. I don’t really understand the logic here. Logically there is not reason for me to pick the Jackets here. We haven’t shown enough for me to regain the faith I lost since our loss on homecoming. But I just downed a fifth of bourbon, so lets do this. Jackets cover.

Logan’s pick: Jackets cover

#7 Michigan Wolverines @ Penn State Nittany Lions (EVEN)

Logan: This is the stretch of games I have been waiting for with Michigan. Really its the stretch they have every year. Michigan now had to face real opponents and get exposed. I have not been impressed with Michigan; Penn State, despite close losses, has shown me enough to garner faith in the program. I’ll take Penn State to edge this one out in a close matchup.

Logan’s pick: Penn State

#17 Mississippi State Bulldogs @ #13 Auburn Tigers (-5.5)

Logan: I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I’m pretty sure I’m 0-4 on Auburn picks this year. My pick has nothing to do with Mississippi State. My eyes tell me the bulldogs should win, so since I want to pick the fighting cowbells I should obviously pick Auburn... Don’t listen to me on this one, but Auburn.

Logan’s pick: Auburn

#20 Minnesota Golden Gophers @ #22 Iowa Hawkeyes (-6.5)

Logan: What happened Iowa? You were in the running for a playoff spot at one point. How the mighty have fallen. Minnesota is coming off a loss to Illinois, so the Gophers aren’t feeling much better. Both teams come into this matchup with something to prove against a similarly ranked opponent. I don’t think Minnesota wins against a decent Hawkeye defense at home, but they should have enough to cover the 6.5 spread.

Logan’s pick: Minnesota covers

Miami Hurricanes (-2.5) @ Florida State Seminoles

Logan: Funny that the spread is 2.5 in this matchup, because in my experience this game is almost always decided by a missed field goal. Regarding this year, Miami has finally started to find their groove on the year whereas FSU has spent the past few seasons just trying to find A identity, not even their old one just Any identity. I’ll say Miami wins by 3, and FSU misses a last second field goal that would send the game to over time.

Logan’s pick: Miami

#19 NC State Wolfpack @ #9 Wake Forest Demon Deacons (-2.5)

Logan: It stinks that I have to pick against either of these teams. The Atlantic, barring extra chaos to which the ACC is prone, may well ride on this matchup. Both teams are solid on offense and have a burning desire to win the ACC for once. Shoot, I’m gonna take NC State. I feel bad that I keep expecting the Wolfpack to fail and they keep proving me wrong. You can’t go wrong with either of these teams, but in this match I’m taking NC State.

Logan’s pick: NC State

North Carolina Tar Heels @ #25 Pittsburgh Panthers (-6)

Logan: UNC has suddenly remembered they are supposed to be a good team. The question now is can they maintain the momentum going off of a big win at home. Pitt is a talented team, they have been knocked a bit by me in the past but Pitt deserves the spot at the top of the Coastal they currently sit on. Pitt should still win this game, but UNC has enough in the tank to cover.

Logan’s pick: UNC Covers

Purdue Boilermakers @ #5 Ohio State Buckeyes (-20)

Logan: Will Purdue pull one more upset against a top team? Not against the Buckeyes, not on the road, but maybe Purdue has enough strength to cover a large spread. I’ll risk my pick on that, Purdue covers.

Logan’s pick: Purdue covers

#14 Texas A&M Aggies (-2) @ #16 Ole Miss Rebels

Logan: Aggies are hoping a praying they can keep winning and that Bama will drop 1 more game. For what little talk there is about it, Aggies still have a chance to play for the SEC Championship. I don’t know about the on the field stats, but I want to live in a world where someone other than Bama makes it to the SEC championship.

Logan’s pick: Aggies

#8 Oklahoma Sooners (-6) @ #12 Baylor Bears

Logan: Similar to my thoughts on Notre Dame earlier this year, the Sooners just can’t keep getting away with games. They keep almost losing to mediocre teams, and now the Sooners have to go on the road to a good team in Baylor. Baylor should win this match, but even if they don’t the Bears should at least cover. I’ll bet on that, Bears cover.

Logan’s pick: Baylor Covers