Duke Game TV Channel

So the Duke game this Saturday will be broadcast on something called Bally Sports Southeast. Apparently the only way to get that channel is to have old-fashioned, cave-man style cable TV. I have one comment and one question:

Comment: We have a dedicated conference TV network. It is absolutely absurd, infuriating and unacceptable that I live within walking distance of campus and I cannot find a way to watch this game on TV. I have a nationally recognized, mainstream streaming service (Youtube TV) and I cannot access this game (legally). This is laughably stupid. Profoundly inept. Embarrassing and pathetic.

Question: Is there any way to watch this game from home? Or am I resigned to sitting in a bar all afternoon?

Bonus Comment: Is there any way to get a message to Bobinski (or someone else, even ACC office) about the importance of the ACC network ensuring that ACC teams are accessible to ACC fanbases? I would have thought that it would be self evident - it's kind of the network's raison d'etre. If the ACC can't figure this out, perhaps they should just shut the whole thing down and focus on introspection and personal growth.

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