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Technical Tidbits 10/20: Yellow Jackets football back after bye week

Tech on the road to face Virginia in Week 8 action.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Duke William Howard-USA TODAY Sports

There are good things about bye weeks in that they allow a team additional time to rest and to prepare for their next game, just to mention a couple of the benefits. The one bad thing about a bye week (especially for fans) is the understandable amount of football withdrawal that comes with not getting to see your favorite team in action. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team is coming off its week 7 bye and they’ll be starting the second half of their season on the road against the University of Virginia. So, with that said, we can get into the first of today’s articles with one that focuses on the upcoming week 8 game.

As this article notes, there’s a lot of interesting storylines packed in the Yellow Jackets' upcoming game against UVA. A win would be a huge milestone for the program, especially under the stewardship of head coach Geoff Collins where it would be the team’s first back-to-back victory. Understandably, a win pushing the team over the .500 mark for the season would be a significant enough event, not to mention getting a win on the road against the Cavaliers.

To me, it’s the back-to-back victories that seem key for this program. As I’ve preached all season long, consistency is something that this Yellow Jackets team needs to improve on. There have been some key improvements by the team, in particular how it has managed to avoid penalties (unlike previous season) — that is definitely one sign of positive consistent play. At the end of the day, this kind of consistency can be coupled with good play and even some luck to win ball games. And not just winning here and there, rather putting together winning streaks. The schedule remains particularly hard for this Tech team, especially in this second half of the season. So, maybe a three or four-game win streak is expecting too much. But you’ve got to get started somewhere. And winning two in a row with a road win against Virginia would be a nice way to do it.

This article is from a few days back, but I found it kind of humorous, given its topic. When the Yellow Jackets basketball team won the ACC Championship earlier this year, they also seemed to have won a friendly wager or promise from their head coach Josh Pastner, who said, if the team were to win the ACC, the team could decide on a new hairstyle for their coach.

With the season approaching, the promise is still yet to be kept. Understandably, there’s some suspense as to just how this will play out. So what will it be for Pastner? Braids, dreadlocks, or how about the Biff Tannen from Back to the Future look? I’m just spitballing here, what are your ideas for a Pastner makeover?