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2020 FTRS Picks Final Standings

At long last

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Oregon vs Iowa State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, we made it. In the midst of a global pandemic, we managed to get through a whole(....ish) college football season and only, like, 100 games were canceled. That’s far from passing with flying colors, but Cs get degrees, as many of us know, so congrats to all on a successful season, I guess, set to conclude with the championship game on Monday.... again, I guess.

Man, championship week feels like eons ago, doesn’t it? Normally my pick writing duties are all wrapped up by mid-December, but this year championship week was two weeks late, and then it was Christmas, and then it was New Year’s.... anyway, it’s 2021 now and it’s time to finally finish what I started. But first..... let’s talk about how everyone did picking the championships. The short answer: not great! Points-wise, this was one of the upsettiest weeks in the history of these picks, to say nothing of the several straight up upsets there were. (How you doin’, 4-3 finishing Pac-12 champion Oregon? Very nicely done, San Jose State! Way to absolutely crush the postseason, Ball State!) Kudos to @LeeNobody, Wima13, and Blazer74 for being cowinners of the final week. Normally, that’s a perfect score, but this week, it’s just a 5/9. But a win’s still a win, right? Meanwhile, with nine whole games to pick, you’d have to be a complete idiot to get every single one wrong, and I’m happy to let you all know that idiot is me. 0/9. Maybe it’s a sign I should finally hang it up.

Alright, now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. But first, I do want to note that even with all this year’s cancellations, only two of the 75 games featured in this year’s picks got cancelled. One was the Sun Belt championship, and the other was back in week two, making for a 98.5% success rate on the games I (or Ben, in one case) personally selected (i.e. not the championships). If I wasn’t going to be good at picking the actual results of these games, at least I did a good job of picking them out.

Now, without further ado....

The 2020 FTRS Picks Final Standings

In fifth, with 40 points, THE MACHINE. Machine suffered a late season swoon after holding the lead for a good while, but still rounds out the top five despite just straight up missing a week.

In fourth, with 41 points, ClavinCliff. Cliff has participated every year and this is their highest ever finish, after just missing the top five two years ago.

Tied for second, with 42 points, AHolt and GTBuzzed. You can split and weld your imaginary 2rd/3nd place medals, if you like.

And finally, in first place, with 43 points, the winner of the 2020 FTRS Picks is.....

Trystan Snipes

Trystan emerged from parts unknown this year and took gold in their first time playing. Beginner’s luck? Maybe. Or maybe it’s something..... bigger. But probably not.

Thanks again to everyone who participated this year. If I didn’t mention your name, you can find it below, even if you only played for one week. And if something looks off to you, let me know and I’ll fix it. Until next time, enjoy whatever non-football things that are out there, and remember........

W̵͓͆E̴̪̯̽͝ ̴̜̐A̵̻̮̚R̸̰̄E̵̛͙ ̴͕̞̇̽A̵͍͗L̷̠̓̈W̸̼̆̋A̴͇̓̉Y̵͎͔͘̚S̶̜͚͌̿ ̷̱̅Ẅ̶̼Ḁ̴̥͐͋Ț̶̂C̶̬̜͑H̸̢̳̑Î̴̝͆Ǹ̵̳͒G̸̝͔͛

2020 FTRS Picks Final Standings

Name Score
Name Score
Trystan Snipes 43
AHolt 42
GTBuzzed 42
ClavinCliff 41
RamblerGambler 38
BuzzForPresident 37
Seajacket 37
@LeeNobody 36
jabsterjacket 36
Sportsfan4life2012 36
Blazer74 36
Benjamin Tankersley 35
Ched 35
Matt J 34
Christo 33
dakota bull 33
donkeygoatrunner 32
James McGregor 32
SullyGT 32
CTJacket 31
David Hogan 31
JStew_GT 31
#athensisntATL 31
Carter 30
kjjrb555 30
The GURU 30
mrbuzz1885 27
DressHerInWhiteAndGold 26
south of the border 24
DJ Geazzy Geoff 24
GTalbatross 23
YellowJacketHeritage 22
rishmanisation 21
lrw 21
JohnHeisman 20
YankeeJacket 20
WaywardJacket 19
RamblinRocketman 19
Chris Forrence 18
Osmosis Jones 18
Hobart 15
wima13 14
GoldenWhite 13
jwpatt11 12
Big 12
thebugman10 11
Yeller Bug 10
monorail_yellowjacket 9
Weld1up 9
Your friend Lee who has no idea what he's doing 9
fuzzybee86 8
Jake Grant 7
Leviticus Warner 7
Partywaggin 7
Ramblin Gooner 7
KCRWreck 7
Jeff Cramer 6
midnightengineer 6
Neal Hannah 6
psandor3 6
Danny Duncanson 5
If Do Right, No Can Defense 5
McRee 5
overlappingquarantine 5
Mister Furious 5
db 4
pkaltman 4
CodyShow 4
Zack Hamilton 4
Bubba 4
Beach Konis 4
Josh 4
the buck stops somewhere 4
GPBurdell 4
Chuck Finley 4
Clint 4
Derrell 4
JacketEd 4
Anuj Bhyravabhotla 3
Bob 3
Jackrabbit 3
kenbiere 3
Kieffer Milligan 3
Kirby Smart’s Inbred Parents 3
McKenzie 3
CaliGT 3
clt gt fan 3
Dong Lo Ng 3
LAYellowJacket13 3
nish 3
Velobee 3
VPP3 3
Dyno273 3
gorcone 3
hoby 3
bacon 3
Big 3
bobbyfey 3
me 3
MG 3
Poopie 3
Techfiend 3
Fastfatty5 3
Copenhaden 3
Rightofthepeople 3
Sangi 3
Warner Robins BT 3
murphey 3
sme 3
Yogi17 3
John Holt 2
channel force 2
Davis 2
Steve 2
the real ajc 2
yosho43 2
poki 2
Sporeman 2
Odie 2
Whowasilastweek 2
Hayden 2
JEB84 2
TomD 2
Rusty 2
Bobert 2
Mark Cramer 2
Duvall is the GOAT 1
GTBuffalo 1
I.P. Freely 1
kbr 1
Lucky Leo 1
Megatron 1
T Whittle 1
keith 1
SkyBuzz 1
The Good Word 1
bman66 1
j 1
Lundy 1
Robert E Cone 1
RockinJersey 1
Wreck1 1
Yomanser 1
Rich Campagna 1
RB 0
Vye Agra 0
jame 0
Grog 0