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Mailbag 1/7

How are the newbies looking for this year?

Florida v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

What was the final tally, for us mortals? - GTBuzzed

Jake P.: I’m not sure I understand the question.

Carter: Mere mortal minds are not meant to comprehend such a question, Jake. (Look for it Friday.)

Will you answer my question from last week (Next Atlanta Sports program to win a championship?) that you didn’t answer? - Notwima13

Ben: Honestly, I think it’ll probably be UGA. I know nobody here really wants that, but they are the most well-suited to do it.

Jake P.: I’m going to meme and say the Atlanta Thrashers.

Akshay: None of them. There is no happiness to be found in cheering for these sports franchises.

Carter: ATLUTD ended the de Boer mistake and they’re winning it all again this year. Heard it here first.

Akshay (again): Carter, I want to believe.

Jake: Georgia Tech Golf? Georgia Tech Baseball? If neither of those, the Braves, probably.

How are you liking the Hostess City so far? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: It’s been good! I haven’t been out to explore too terribly much, but I have explored some of the nerdy places around town like Nerdheim and Planet Fun!

Carter: Planet Fun was a delightful discovery when was in town for a Savannah Hockey Classic a few years back. Definitely worth a visit.

Of all the newbies (or I guess new-Bees xD) that will be on the roster for the upcoming season...

Who has the most upside?

Who’s the most likely to start?

Who’s the most likely to have the most impact this year? - Anuj Bhyravabhotla

Ben: Most upside, I would say James BlackStrain. He’s a big-bodied receiver, and I think he’ll contribute early. Most likely to start is Trenilyas Tatum. David Curry leaving leaves a pretty sizable gap at linebacker, and Tatum is really good. Most likely to impact this year is easily Devin Cochran. Tech needs OL help, and Cochran will provide it.

Akshay: Let me give a blanket statement here — all of the incoming transfers meet the latter two criteria. The majority of them are at need-positions. If you want me to pick one with the most upside: take your pick of defensive newcomers. I think Kevin Harris or Keion White could be really good pieces on a defense that’s losing a leader in the center of the field.

Jake: I want to echo what Akshay has to say and add McGowan from Northwestern. Super excited for him, I think he can be a great release valve for Sims in the offense.

Robert: Most upside — Kaleb Edwards. Most likely to start — I would expect all of Keion White, Makius Scott, Kyric McGowan, Devin Cochran, and Nick Pendley to start. Most impact this year — White, Cochran, and McGowan.

Why aren’t GT Alumni clubs called Nests? Like really why aren’t they? I want to be able to go to my neighborhood pub and hang out with my < Town Name > Nest for away games. “Alumni Club” is too bland for Tech. We’re more unique than that, aren’t we? - GTJason

Jake P.: I actually really like the name “nest” for each alumni organization. You should take that up with someone at Tech.

Jake: Yeah, shoot the GT Alumni Association a note. I’m sure they should be all ears for more interesting/noticeable branding. While I’m at it, seems like a lot of clubs split meeting places (bars) with a lot of other schools, most notably (to me) having like every ACC school meet at Tobacco Road in Chicago. Would be nice to stake out more “Tech spaces” in more places that we have lots of alumni - DC, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Houston, etc. come to mind.

Is this years recruiting class a disappointment? Or am I overlooking the value of all the transfers? - buzzmeetsbrutus

Ben: I would say that what you may see as a lack of recruiting is probably made up with the transfers. If transfers were included, it’d be a much higher rating.

Jake P.: This year was always going to be difficult recruiting because of the lack of in-person visits. The staff thrives on them. I think the transfers are really good though, especially Keion White.

Jake: I would think you’re overlooking the value of transfers; they excite me the most in the class. But I also am a relative noob to recruiting stuff, so take that as you will.

Robert: Yes and yes. In the 2021 class, I’m particularly disappointed in the limited talent upgrade coming in on OL and DL. We didn’t hit on our top targets, bringing in classes that rank in the 40s is not going to cut it. But, the transfers add a good mix of established production in White, McGowan, and Cochran with some high upside guys like Scott, Harris, and Watson. The fact that most of the transfers have 3+ years of eligibility really does make it more like they are additions to the recruiting class.

Do we have anything on why AB really left? - Physically Fast

Ben: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jake: I’m not sure and I dunno if it is wise to speculate.

Robert: Target share.


Hope you’re doing well Benjamin. I saw you didn’t post the questions yesterday so I was worried something bad happened. Glad you eventually posted. Bugging y’all with silly questions is one of the highlights of my week.

With the Championship game coming up around the corner, my question is what is your preferred snack/food layout for a championship party. I’m a big fan of cheese plates with crackers and veggies; people love cheese so it goes fast. That said, whenever I have a championship game party somehow I always end up with 3 bowls of different chips that never get eaten, not sure what’s up with that.

Wishing that Ohio State’s nuts roast upon and open fire,

Phillip the Nutcracker (submitted via email)

Ben: Thanks for checking in “Phillip the Nutcracker,” I always appreciate your questions! I’m a big fan of cheddar and sour cream ruffles. They are amazing. I also just bought an air fryer, and it is also amazing, so pretty much anything you can put in there.

Jake P.: I’m a big pizza guy. Get a variety of pizzas, and you can’t go wrong. Cupcakes are also always a good move, they’re easy to eat and you don’t have to spend a bunch of time slicing anything.

Akshay: Chips, salsa, and queso are the undefeated combination of sports-watching food. I will die on this hill.

Jake: I love the questions, they always are super compelling! My family has a great seven (maybe more) layer dip recipe that I wish we broke out for more occasions! Otherwise, the chip platter - regular potato, salt and pepper, or cracked pepper - with a good onion dip or as many frozen appetizers as you can get your hands on is a great move. I’ve alluded to the New Years bowl watching traditions my family has a few times in recent weeks, but that’s usually the afternoon spread for us on those days. Otherwise, cheese is just an amazing food that you can’t go wrong with.

Have y’all seen anything to suggest the backups are not far off, or are the guards Moses’ only help to lead us to the promised land (Indiana)? - Physically Fast

Jake: Mmmmmm I don’t know what to say here. I don’t want to rush Tristan back from his injury, but he’s the (general) backup I look forward to seeing the most. As for big men, I think Saba has grown a little as a freshman - he’s still young - but, you’re honestly right. It’s a bit sparse in the lineup behind (arguably Pastner’s biggest developmental success) Moses Wright. There’s not a ton we can do about it. But at this point, I think I’d definitely rather see Saba than Rodney, and I don’t think it’s particularly close.

And, not sure this was a question, but as far as living spaces go, I was Caldwell Hall, Nelson-Shell (ULC), Nelson-Shell (ULC), Nelson-Shell (ULC), Square on Fifth. Finally made it at the end, lol.