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Mailbag 1/27

What’s your favorite DMo moment?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 17 Virginia at Georgia Tech Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Who is the random team you pull for despite not having a connection to them? - Notwima13

Ben: I really like Matt Campbell and Iowa State. They were also a fun team to play with in NCAA 14.

Jake P.: For me it has to be either Furman or UTSA. I’ve got some connections to the schools.

Akshay: OU — when their offense is humming, the Sooners are appointment viewing.

Jake: I almost said Indiana, but that is in fact where my brother is at, haha. Honestly, I think it’s probably hard to answer this question, since most schools I even remotely follow I have some, tenuous connection to (for example, I got in to Minnesota and enjoyed my tour or am from Illinois). Honestly, I have the least institutional connection to Illinois of any of the schools I keep tabs on.

With Derrick Moore leaving the Flats, what’s your favorite DMo moment/speech? - GTnuke12

Ben: This was one of the first videos of DMo I ever saw, and it still has me ready to run through a brick wall.

Carter: We ain’t dead yet.

Jake: The Miami “Time to Turn the Yellow Jackets Loose” is very good, too. But It has to be “We Ain’t Dead Yet.” I would play that before most finals as an undergrad. I can hear the score rising in my head as I type this.

Robert: This one’s a pretty good honorable mention, before we took down #5 Clemson in 2011:

For his replacement, who would you choose for each of these?

1 – someone on staff

2 – a new voice from somewhere (money no option)

3 – a new voice from somewhere (realistic) - CTJacket

Ben: On staff, give me Tashard Choice. If money is no option, bring DMo back . Realistically, it’ll probably be some FCA person to serve as the chaplain.

Akshay: Definitely someone on staff — I’m partial to Tashard Choice, myself.

Jake P.: I’ve got to agree with Akshay, Choice is the best option.

Carter: Given Choice received several speeches from Moore himself, I’ll also go with him.

Jake: Tashard - no need to spend more money, though I hear Coleman has been good, too.

Robert: Tashard, hands down. He brought the hammer on the field before Clemson in 2005, and I got goose bumps. Turn him loose.

Should the Braves change their name? - DressHerInWhiteAndGold

Ben: I think they should change the name, but I agree with Jake below that a better honor for Hank Aaron would be to name the field after him.

Jake P.: I don’t think they should change their name, but I do think Truist Park should be renamed to “Hank Aaron Field at Truist Park” or something to that extent.

Akshay: I don’t have an opinion on the name debate, but the ballpark still not being named after Hank Aaron despite already having two opportunities to do so is a tragedy. Do the right thing and fix this, Truist.

Jake: Hmmmm, I’m not sure I’m allowed to have opinions on this given that I am a Blackhawks fan, and that organization’s stance on their name.

Why is Derrick Moore leaving the program after so many years? - YankeeJacket

Ben: Nothing has officially been disclosed, and I won’t speculate.

Akshay: ^

Jake: ^^

Also can you compare the success of all the teams that hired a coach in the same year that Georgia Tech did? - YankeeJacket

Ben: So hired in 2019 were Ryan Day (Ohio State), Scott Satterfield (Louisville), Tyson Helton (Western Kentucky), Chris Klieman (Kansas State), Mack Brown (UNC), Jim McElwain (Central Michigan), Will Healy (Charlotte), Eli Drinkwitz (Appalachian State), Hugh Freeze (Liberty), Neal Brown (West Virginia), Rod Carey (Temple), Gary Anderson (Utah State), Geoff Collins (Georgia Tech), Jamey Chadwell (Coastal Carolina), Mike Houston (East Carolina), Mel Tucker (Colorado), Matt Wells (Utah State), Dana Holgorsen (Houston), Manny Diaz (Miami), Les Miles (Kansas), Thomas Hammock (Northern Illinois), Mike Locksley (Maryland), Scott Loeffler (Bowling Green), Jake Spavital (Texas State), Chip Lindsey (Troy), Walt Bell (Massachusetts) and Tom Arth (Akron). Looking at just ACC schools, I would say that after two years, Mack Brown is still heads and shoulders above everyone else, and then I would probably say Satterfield and Diaz are tied for second, with Collins bringing up the rear.

Jake: I’m not convinced Miami fans are anywhere close to pleased with their “rebuild” under Diaz, and we beat Satterfield this year. I think it’s Mack and then the rest of the gang kind of in one jumble, from our perspective.

Robert: There are several who are clearly more successful so far: Day has maintained at OSU, Brown has bumped UNC up a level, Freeze has coached from a hospital bed, Chadwell exploded at CCU. The rest are TBD or already gone.

Hello Guys,

Hope you are doing well. I’ve been better, but I’ve also been worse. just trying to make the most of things as they stand.

Well Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl. Somethings never change, like death and tacos. Speaking of tacos, my question this week is what food challenge would you be willing to compete in? Who can drink the most milkshakes? Can you eat a 50 lb steak? Can you consume 1000 tacos? You know the silly stuff that makes you want to vomit while attempting to go down in history...

This is possibly my dumbest question thus far, I hope you make the most of it. Have a fun week!


Joseph Christian Chestnut (submitted via email)

Ben: I don’t know that I could do 1,000 tacos, but I think I could eat 100 Taco Bell tacos.

Akshay: I can pound back bushels of Cypress Pint and Plate’s pub fries. Give me bushels of those and I’ll be in the Guinness book in no time.

Jake P.: I’d like to find out how many Subway footlongs that I could eat. Or slices of key lime pie.

Carter: Shoulda asked me ten years ago when I was downing pounds of Wingnuts tenders on the reg. These days I feel bloated eating more than three tacos, never mind 100.

Jake: Dunkin Donuts, I once ate 22 of them in one sitting. I think I can top that.