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Georgia Tech Releases First “ATL” Chart

We get our first look at who will suit up this Saturday against the Seminoles

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 21 NC State at Georgia Tech Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In place of this article in the following game weeks will be an article that focuses on individual highlights and position groups but for this week we will look at some quick notes on the first Above The Line chart for the season.

Unless you hid from every Geoff Collins press conference last year, you are aware of the Above The Line chart. It doesn’t list the actual depth chart but everyone who has earned the right to contribute in a game. Collins finds it helps to keep players motivated by not assigning a 1st or 2nd string. Let’s look at some quick points about this week’s chart.

  • The first thing to take note on is that the offensive line is listed as one big position group. Tech likes to have everyone be able to contribute to each position on the line so most can swap it up in case of an injury. The big takeaway from the line is Jarred Williams being listed in the first game. The true freshman was thought to make an impact early but we will see this week how much he fits into the rotation.
  • It looks like Billy Ward will push for some time at tight end early, but I am surprised to not see any of the freshman listed at receiver. Nate McCollum showed a lot of promise with his speed and shiftiness on his recruiting film so maybe we will get a look at him later in the season.
  • There isn’t much to go with the QBs at this point. Collins hasn’t wanted to talk about the competition and was on 9.29 The Game last night dodging the question from the radio hosts of College Game Time. I’d bet we see at least two and one of them will be either Sims or Gleason.
  • Defense as a whole looks pretty much as expected with a nice surprise of Jerry Howard in at linebacker after changing from running back.
  • We have three kickers listed so it looks like each may get a chance to prove themselves after being a disaster last year.
  • The Kick and Punt return candidates are the same as last year with the addition of Gibbs to kick and Ezzard to Punts.