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Syracuse Ends All The Left Over Feel Good For Georgia Tech

We’re going to play football like it’s 2019!

Syracuse v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Yeah, you read that final score right. Syracuse defeated Tech 37-20. It was Syracuse’s first win of the season and the second loss for Tech after getting torched last week as well. I could give you a full recap of the game but it was just poor ball security, bad preparation by the defense, and horrible tackling. Georgia Tech had 453 yards to Syracuse’s 357 but once again the Yellow Jackets #PUTTHEBALLDOWN fives time to give the Cuse a short field to score. It was the momentum the Orange needed to score double their total season output before the game.

On top of all the drive-killing turnovers were the drive-killing penalties. Tech had 15!?!?! penalties for 104 yards. Most of them were procedural penalties. A lot of the miscues this week and last week are on the coaching staff. Players don’t seem to know what to do to get ready for the play. These aren’t fouls you chalk up to youth because they are basic to the game of football.

This team got a lot of hype after the FSU win and maybe some of us are guilty of getting a little too high. The flashes of promise are still there but anyone who lived through the Gailey Era knows if it isn’t cleaned up it can go to waste. It’s still early in the Collins Era and just one week but there can’t be a loss like this to start every year. The progress made needs to start carrying over to the next weeks. Credit Syracuse for doing what they needed to do to get a win but Tech needs to step it up or may not sniff another win until next year.