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Waffle House Awards - Week 2

Georgia Tech may have a star in waiting with Gibbs

Georgia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

UCF got the better of a still young Tech team early in a strange season. The game was close in the 4th but UCF managed to put it away off turnovers. It wasn’t the result Georgia Tech wanted this past Saturday but some players deserve some recognition for a game well played.

Jahmyr Gibbs: All-Star Special

Georgia Tech has been lacking on the return game in recent years but Gibbs first collegiate touch on the opening kickoff that he took 75-yards may see that problem remedied soon. Gibbs’s showed himself to be a versatile weapon in the passing game with 60 yards and a touchdown. He is going to be a tough back to bring down in the open field as he displayed his shiftiness and a quick burst of speed throughout the day. His 33-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter showed his speed when QB Sims signaled for a touchdown as soon as Gibbs turned the corner.

Charlie Thomas: Fiesta Omelet

UCF’s offense moved well to start and end the game but it stalled through most of the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Part of the was due to Charlie Thomas having a party in the backfield. He had both sacks on the day another for loss. Even when not bringing Gabriel down he forced pressure on the UCF QB to make an errant pass that resulted in an interception for Junyeah Thomas.

Pressley Harvin III: City Ham

I’m not sure how much Harvin enjoys the announcers pointing out how much he weighs each time but there can’t be much argument that he puts some power behind his kicks. He had 4 punts and averaged over 50 yards for the game. He contributed to keeping UCF out of the end zone by pinning them deep instead of giving them a short field. His 70-yard bomb had a good view of the Atlanta skyline and is one of the longest in Tech’s history at 9th all-time. The last time one went longer was a 77-yarder by Durant Brooks in 2007 against UNC.