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Waffle House Awards - Week 1

Pairing up the best players with the best dishes!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When Collins came back down to the ATL from Philly the first thing he said he sought out was Waffle House. It’s understandable that a native son of Atlanta would be deprived of such delicious grease in the uncultured northern states. He could be seen often with his Waffle House To-Go cup in that Waffle House became an unofficial partner with Georgia Tech Football. Former Tech A-Back, Roddy Jones, even hosted a quick show interviewing the new coaches at Waffle Houses near the campus.

In keeping with the theme of greasy detox we will award the top players of each game with a menu item that best displayed their performance.

Curtis Ryans: All-Star Special

Ryans began his career as a walk-on under Paul Johnson but was the biggest impact of the night on a defense that only allowed one touchdown on the opening drive but never broke again. Much like the signature dish at Waffle House, Ryans 4 tackles , 2 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles left you full and satisfied on the night. His second sack and forced fumble came on the same play that would set Tech for the winning field goal. It was a welcome sight after Tech has struggled in the past to develop consistent pass rushing.

Malachi Carter: Double-Stack with Extra Syrup

Carter must ate a plate of waffles with his bare hands before the game because he had some extra syrup on his fingers in this game. He lead the team with six receptions for 66 yards and a touchdown. His best catch was a comeback route where he managed to snag the ball before falling out of bounds. Setting up the drive that he would cap off with a touchdown.

Quez Jackson: Smothered and Covered

Sometimes good hashbrowns need a little something extra to make them even better. Quez was that extra piece who helped Tech’s defense control the game for most of the night. He quickly smothered plays that got past the line and lead the team in total tackles with nine. Speaking of coverage, Jackson had plenty of it when FSU’s Blackman tried to force a pass that resulted in an INT.

Jeff Sims: Texas Bacon Patty Melt

Bacon, beef, cheese, and buttered toast are all good in their own right but are even better when brought together in one single masterpiece of cholesterol overdose. Sims displayed multiple traits of a good quarterback in his debut as a true freshman. It wasn’t without a few mistakes but Sims kept himself together and made well-thrown passes while reading through his progressions. He showed his feet as well when under pressure and ended up leading the team in rushing. The most impressive play was his pass to Ezzard where he stepped up into the pocket after pressure and delivered a pass in stride to let Ezzard pick up additional yardage.

Florida State’s Offensive Line: Side Salad

Salad is on the menu and you can order it if you want to, but why? It’s just out of place and doesn’t seem to do anything to improve the rest of the food. Much like the Seminoles trying to block for the quarterback.