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Technical Tidbits 9/10: Predictions And Starters, Looking Forward To Saturday’s Season Opener

ATL list released, predictions made, kickoff in two days.

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Georgia Tech head coach Geoff Collins has a unique approach to naming his starters. His preference is to name players who are on the “ATL” list, or the Above The Line list. As the article mentions, there’s 63 players named for this season’s opening game against Florida State University. The fact that this includes five members of the most recent recruiting class does suggest the team is still young and inexperienced, as the article says. But I also like to think that some of those players are deserving of the opportunity and could make significant contributions. Two more days and we’ll get our first real insight into just where this Yellow Jacket team and what improvements it has made going into Collins’ second years at the helm.

The ATL list is out, as mentioned earlier. And of course there’s no more clarity as to who will be the starting quarterback for the Yellow Jackets. In a way, I think the whole ATL list can play to Tech’s advantage. My guess is that James Graham will get the first snaps and most likely the most reps, while the other three are rotated in based on the situation. Regardless, we’ll know soon enough and I’m just happy to have football back.

Tech football head coach Geoff Collins held a video conference with members of the media on Tuesday. As the article states, Collins talked about an array of topics including his expectations for the season. Of course, it’s mostly the same spin that we’ve heard before. For fans there must be a lot of excitement to see how the team fares in Collins’ second year. The article does suggest that Tech coaches and players are motivated by the fact that they’re selected to finish last in the ACC.

Come on, are you serious? At least that’s what I thought after reading this article with predictions for Week 2 of the NCAA football season. It’s almost expected to see Georgia Tech picked to lose. But as always, I try to look at the positive side and view it as motivation. For my prediction, I’ll say the Yellow Jackets can pull off an “upset”. Final score Georgia Tech 21, Florida State 17.