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Technical Tidbits 8/6: Summer Internships, Fall Camp, And Other News

2020 fall camp underway.

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Georgia Tech seems to always have an internship program that I haven’t heard of or that’s new. The Georgia Tech athletics’ Fifth Street Bridge Program is definitely one of them. It provided 93 Yellow Jacket student athletes with opportunities to network with the industries in the Atlanta area, and there’s a lot of them. Whether you’re a student athlete or not, if you attend Tech, a piece of advice I never get tired of repeating is make sure to take advantage of the many internships and co-op opportunities that are available to students.

If you’re into podcasts and want one to keep you informed about Tech athletics, this is one worth checking out. Athletic Director Todd Stansbury’s podcast features a lot of information as the article mentions. This includes insights into the schedules for football, volleyball, and cross country. Among other topics, Stansbury also discussed the safety precautions that are being taken to keep the athletic community safe.

There’s nothing like hype videos leading into the football season. This article features video highlights from the 2020 fall camp which is now underway — in social distancing style as the article mentions. It’s hard to believe but the season is fastly approaching.

How I feel thinking of football season approaching.

This article from the AJC goes a little more in depth into the 2020 fall camp. The COVID-19 pandemic has had the biggest impact on the way camps and practices are being done. But I have to say, head coach Geoff Collins using an electric whistle was the tidbit that got my attention. I have to admit, I didn’t even know they made those.