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Technical Tidbits 8/5: Georgia Tech’s Preseason Camp Begins!

Football is getting closer!

Alcorn v Georgia Tech Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

While the 2020 college football season is still in doubt, teams are preparing like they will be playing games in September. Today marks the beginning of preseason camp for the Georgia Tech football team, after holding workouts for the previous few weeks. It will be interesting to see and hear how camp is run, especially as players participate in full-contact activities for the first time in what seems like forever. Based off what we’ve witnessed so far, Geoff Collins & co. will be doing all they can to ensure a safe and productive fall camp. This will be an experiment for sure.

In May, a photo began circulating of masked-up fans at a Georgia Tech game in the fall of 1918. This, of course, was during the Spanish Flu pandemic that swept the world and killed anywhere from 17-50 million people. According to the article above, the Yellow Jackets (led by John Heisman) were one of the only teams to play something close to a full football schedule that year, finishing 6-1. The single loss was on the lone away trip, to Pittsburgh. It will be interesting to see how the 2020 season compares to the 1918 season for all teams throughout the nation (if it even happens).

Camryn Hidalgo is one of the best divers ever seen on the Flats. As a junior in 2020, Hidalgo won the ACC Championship for one-meter dives and broke the Georgia Tech school record for three-meter dives. In her freshman year, Hidalgo qualified for the NCAA Zone B Diving Championships but was unable to compete due to an injury before the ACC Championships, making her finish at the top of the podium two years later all the more meaningful. Look for Hidalgo to continue making waves (...get it?) during her senior season with the Jackets.

Even though I’m a huge golf fan, I have to admit I had never heard of William “Dynamite” Goodloe before I read the article above. Besides being an excellent recruiter for Bobby Dodd, Goodloe was an extremely accomplished amateur golfer. Goodloe got the chance to play in three Masters Tournaments, two British Amateurs, and won the Georgia Amateur Championship twice, among many other exploits. The things you learn...

Remember when everything was alright? (We can conveniently forget the rest of that season).

Question of the Day: What are you watching for in fall camp?