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Technical Tidbits 8/27: Geoff Collins Silent on QB Competition

Who will it be?

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

All Georgia Tech fans want to know one thing, who the quarterback will be on September 12 against Florida State. There is a case for all four players competing for the starting job, James Graham, Jeff Sims, Jordan Yates, and Tucker Gleason. While the fanbase is clamoring for answers, Geoff Collins is not willing to give any. In a recent press conference, all Collins shared was that the competition between the four was very close. This could be a good thing (if the players are performing well), but also a bad thing (if they aren’t playing well). In my expert opinion, I think we’ll have an answer in 16 days or so.

Women’s Equality Day was yesterday, but it is still worth mentioning in today’s “Tidbits.” The 16th was also the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. The GTAA did a great job celebrating the day, letting athletes take over Tech sports Twitter pages to record videos about why they vote. This, along with efforts by assistant men’s basketball coach Eric Reveno to make Election Day a mandatory day off for athletes, shows just how important the issue of getting out the vote is to Georgia Tech. Remember, if you choose not to vote, you can’t complain!

With a PGA TOUR win, a Korn Ferry Tour win, the U.S. Amateur championship, and a number of other summer event titles, Bruce Heppler’s current (and former) players are reflecting well on the legendary coach this summer. This might be the most successful offseason in the longtime coach’s career that spans over 25 years. Recently, he joined the “Voice of the Yellow Jackets” Andy Demetra to discuss the summer and how the upcoming season will look.

While the message is good, the photo of Collins is just a little creepy. Still, if you’re a Tech student, take advantage of the COVID-19 test availability.

Question of the Day: Who do you think the starting QB will be?