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Mailbag 8/26

We talk Calvin Johnson and condiments!

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions

Who’s your favorite to start at QB?

Ben: With no spring practice, it’s a given that it’ll be James Graham or Jordan Yates. While I think Graham has more pure talent, I think Yates is a bit more refined as a passer and is also good at making things happen, so I’ll go with Yates.

Jake P.: At this point it’s Jordan Yates for me. James Graham just wasn’t good last season, and I feel that after a year of development, Yates will be ready to assume the starter’s role.

Jake: Add a second opinion to the Jake Caucus, because I’m with Jake the Younger.

Jeff: A lot of the GT twitter has been posting highlights of Yates. It seems he is commanding the reps right now.

Which non-QB freshman not named Jahmyr Gibbs do you think burns their redshirt (or what would be a redshirt) this year?

Ben: Jordan Williams. Tech doesn’t have much going for it on the offensive line, especially without Devin Cochran.

Jake P.: Most likely Jordan Williams, especially now that Devin Cochran is not enrolling at Georgia Tech. A dark horse for me is Nate McCollum, his speed could be a big help for the receiving corps.

Jake: Look for the offensive line to be basically a towering inferno of redshirts, in my humble opinion.

Jeff: Besides the already mentioned Jordan Williams, I think Jared Ivey could earn some time on the edge.

What do y’all think about this Calvin Johnson vs Lions battle?

Ben: I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the tension between Calvin Johnson and the Lions, but I wish the Lions had given up the rights to him when Johnson retired. I still think he might have come back for another team (like the Falcons).

Chris: I haven’t followed it too closely, but it seems like the Lions have just been awful at doing normal good-faith franchise stuff (I know, shocking). It’s almost like they’re going out of their way to make sure he never likes them.

Jake: I don’t see why it’s in the Lions’ best interest to make their most transcendent recent talent mad. Here’s a sure-thing Hall of Famer and he only ever played for your franchise. Even if they think they’re right (and I don’t think they are), it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Jeff: I think the Lions are doing the best they can at deterring top talent from joining their franchise as a free agent.

Did scholarship count contribute to Devin Cochran not enrolling? Until the medical DQ of Jeremiah Smith, Cade Kootsouraudis was not able to join practice, meaning up to that point we were maxed out on scholarship players. Would this have meant we did not have a spot for Devin when he was looking to enroll in August?

Ben: They would have figured it out. If I had to guess, I would say the coaching staff wasn’t surprised by the Devin Cochran news, so they had time to figure it out.

Jeff: Devin Cochran was going to be the anchor for the line so I am sure he would have had something open for him.

Is peanut butter a condiment? What about jelly?

Ben: Google defines “condiment” as “a substance such as salt or ketchup that is used to add flavor to food,” which both can do. They are both weird condiments, though, in that they can both be more of a primary food (like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) as opposed to something adding flavor (dipping apples or celery in peanut butter).

Chris: Peanut butter no, jelly yes.

Jake P.: My rule for is that if you dip stuff into it, it’s a condiment. So peanut butter is a yes, but jelly is a no.

Jake: It’s not, straight up. You’d never have a salt and ketchup sandwich, but you can absolutely have a PB&J sandwich. You can’t eat a mustard and relish hot dog, either. Nor can you have a taco with only hot sauce. This is an easy choice.

Jeff: I’d say no because I am not going to eat ketchup or mustard (Except for cramps! It really works!) out of the bottle, but I will eat peanut butter out of the container while my wife glares at me.

Please to Power Rank, “Bond, James Bond” actors.


6. Lazenby

5. Dalton

4. Brosnan

3. Moore

2. Connery

1. Craig

NR: David Niven.

Chris: 1. Connery, 2. Moore, 3. Craig, 4. Dalton, 5. Brosnan, 6. Lazenby. To add some color to this: my top 3 could maybe be fluid depending on my mood. Connery is the OG and who comes to mind when I hear “James Bond”. His movies are actually good but still 60s campy, which is an aesthetic that I love. I routinely go back and watch them. Moore is very similar, but his movies trend more towards silly. I don’t really mean silly in a bad way here - it’s just a different vibe. If i’m in the mood for a silly old movie, then they’re amazing. Craig is obviously the serious Bond, and there’s a place for that too if you prefer modern movies; Casino Royale is a fantastic film. Craig’s movies are what Dalton’s wanted to be. His movies were dark before that was trendy (seriously, License to Kill isn’t even a Bond movie - it’s just James Bond murdering like 100 people in cold-blooded revenge). Brosnan is an interesting case because GoldenEye is again an actually good movie, but then his others are hot garbage. Lazenby got one movie and it sucked, oh well.