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Technical Tidbits 8/25: Videos And More Videos

Mostly videos for today’s Tidbits.

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Videos and more videos. Checking the news stream, I noticed a lot of video based articles on Tech’s official site, so I thought I’d include some of them for today’s Tidbits.

In this first video, Andy Demetra catches up with head coach Geoff Collins for a preseason update. There’s a lot of information regarding the various safety precautions the team has been taking. Also there’s a good bit about the incoming freshmen class and the culture that the team is continuing to build.

For on the field action, this short video clip runs you through a typical scrimmage routine.

Finally, for the last video, Tyler Strafaci thanks his supporters and the Alexander-Tharpe Fund

So, finally an article with words. In this AJC piece, former Tech quarterback and wide receiver Tobias Oliver discusses his move over to defense. In particular, Oliver has made the switch to cornerback. As the article mentions, he’s made great strides in improving his understanding of the position. With his experience at quarterback and wide receiver, I’d imagine he has a far greater understanding of what offenses are doing than your typical cornerback or defensive player for that matter. I think Oliver at cornerback will be fun to watch this season, and I’ll certainly be watching his side of the field when he’s defending.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic totally wrecked the college football schedule and conferences re-scheduled their seasons, Georgia Tech had what was considered one of the tougher schedules in college football. With the new schedule, it’s no different according to this Bleacher Report article. Five wins in 2020? I think it’s possible.