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Technical Tidbits 8/19: ACC Coaches Dish on Georgia Tech Football

What do opponents have to say about the Jackets?

Georgia Tech v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Athlon Sports’ annual series of college football coaches talking about other teams always draws some eyeballs. This year, some interesting things were said about Georgia Tech. One thing we can all agree on is this statement, “On one hand, they’re totally deficient at a lot of key positions, which is what you would expect from a team coming off the triple option...” That was obvious from this past year, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Hopefully, player development and recruiting will decrease the talent issues on the roster. One coach feels, “They will likely end up a better team with the same record.” I am totally fine with this. It will be a season unlike any other, and as long as the team shows marked improvement, four wins might not be a bad thing.

Antonneous Clayton was one of the biggest additions to Georgia Tech’s football team in Geoff Collins’ first offseason as coach. Unfortunately, Clayton’s waiver for immediate eligibility was denied by the NCAA, and he had to sit out a season. This left the 2020 season as his last chance to prove himself, but as we all know, it’s up in the air. If there is a season played, look for Clayton to be a strong presence on the defensive line. The NCAA can’t stop players from practicing and improving, which is exactly what Clayton has done over the past year.

It seems like college basketball has been swept under the rug in recent days as all the talk is about whether or not the college football season will be played. For some conferences, basketball teams will not be able to play games until after the new year, while others are business as usual. This has affected the Georgia Tech basketball team’s scheduled game against Stanford on December 13, as the Pac-12 has delayed all sports competition until after January 1st. An intriguing basketball scheduling option mentioned in the article above is that of bubble tournaments, much like the NBA is currently doing in Orlando. I could see this option working if enough teams hopped on board to make bubble events financially feasible (and worthwhile competition-wise).

If this doesn’t get you ready for football season I don’t know what will.

Question of the Day: What did you think of the ACC coaches’ anonymous comments?