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Mailbag 8/12

We talk literature!

Barbican Lending Library Reopens To The Public Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Favorite character from fictional Literature?

Ben: I’ll be honest, I don’t read as much as I would like to, but one thing I have read semi-recently is the Phasma novel that takes place in the Star Wars universe. Though we don’t get to see it in the movies, Phasma has a super interesting backstory, and I would highly recommend it. Don’t know I would say she’s my favorite character from fictional literature, but she’s one that comes to mind.

Chris: Gut answer is probably Jamie Lannister. I think he has one of the best, most complex story arcs anywhere (let’s ignore that the show ruined it).

Jeff: I read a lot of fantasy books and tend to get absorbed into whatever I’m reading at the time which is currently the “Legend of Drizzt” series. It’s based in the Dungeons and Dragons world. Drizzt is a dark elf who shuns his races cruel, sadastic ways and has your typical hero morality to defend the weak. He keeps his races enjoyment of dealing mass death to those who threaten him or his friends though so it lends to some good battles.

Levi: The Master Chief, he’s especially fleshed out in the Halo novels. They are a good read even if you’ve never played a second of Halo.

Jake P.: The way I interpreted the question made my choice easy, Jay Gatsby.

Jake: Hmmmmmm this is tough. I feel like my lazy answer of Atticus Finch could never be wrong, but I haven’t thought about this question in a long time, though I also rarely work fiction into my rotation.

Will you be following u(sic)’s Sex in a Pandemic Guidelines Recommendations?

Ben: I’m not gonna lie, I kinda respect UGA having the gall to actually post that. As silly as it is, and ignoring the fact they have since taken it down, safe sex is important! Get learned kids!

Chris: I just want to be a fly on the wall when people come up with the wording of those things.

Jeff: Wait, What? Do you have to maintain six feet of separation?

Levi: I feel like they’re obligated to try. They have to say something. However, awkward/hilarious it may seem. Also, have you ever had sex without kissing? It’s very off-putting, like a business transaction.

Jake: One of the most on brand things I’ve seen from the Athenians in a while.

If the season starts, but then has to shut down (death, mass sickness, mass spread); looking back, was it worth it to get in preseason and a few game(s)?

Ben: I would say no. You can look at other countries who decided as a whole to take this seriously from the beginning, and they aren’t really dealing with this anymore. And until the United States decides to follow suit, we’ll just be sitting here waiting for a vaccine.

Chris: Nah. Sure experience matters, but this is all so weird, I don't think a couple games is gonna do anything for anyone.

Jeff: Playing a partial season would be a waste but if bars and other entertainment avenues can remain open then I say lets dive into bad ideas head first.

Levi: A spring season actually sounds entertaining. I’d take a full season then rather than a half-baked attempt at the fall.

Jake P.: It’s definitely not worth it. All of that practice and preparation for three games? As Chris said, the game experience for players is good, but it’s just an odd situation that won’t benefit anyone.

Jake: I imagine only the lawyers would come out ahead in a “something bad happens during football season” scenario.

What’s your thoughts on the new schedule? Better or worse for Tech?

Ben: I like the updated schedule because we get a good shot against the Atlantic, which Tech doesn’t get to do very much against them.

Chris: There are 6 wins there if we can play well. Agreed with Ben, it’s good to get some Atlantic games.

Carter: A schedule that includes six of the seven Atlantic teams is pretty cool. That said, the same people who gave us this schedule also cut the Techmo Bowl. Verdict: TRASH.

Jeff: I like seeing teams we don’t see that often. It added a few more possible wins as well.

Levi: We dumped a couple easy losses and added some potential wins. Losing VT and UVA doesn’t really make me flinch. We are only rivals because we play so often. I really like seeing FSU on the schedule.

Jake P.: I’m not really happy with UCF still on the schedule. Outside of them, it isn’t bad. Maybe we can get Dave Doeren fired after all (although, would we really want that?).

Jake: I like the FSU, but I hate not seeing VPISU on the schedule. Still not over the hurricane thing, I feel like we could’ve fared better from our non-conference schedule there.

If a team from the Atlantic or Notre Dame faces Clemson in the title game, are they the 8th Coastal champion in 8 years?

Ben: Might as well. This year is gonna be weird as it is (assuming games are played), so sure, let’s see Notre Dame be the eight ACC Coastal champ in as many years.

Chris: God having Notre Dame there would be peak Coastal.

Jeff: Since there are no divisions I say the Coastal Chaos bleeds into the rest of the conference and we get a Georgia Tech vs Duke ACCCG.

Levi: I kinda hope they pull it off and raise a banner. That would be so much chaos. However, it isn’t Coastal Chaos (tm). That would be shoehorning a narrative and we don’t do that here.

Jake: Let the Coastal slumber, it’ll be back soon.

How come I am tired all the time?

Ben: Have you tried not being tired?

Chris: Are you me?

Carter: Because you stay up too late playing video games. And by you, I mean me. I am staying up too late playing video games.

Jeff: It’s the natural state of being if you have children or a job.

Levi: Evaluate your diet, fitness, and sleep schedule and get back to me. It’s honestly got to be one of those. Be sure to hydrate constantly.

Jake P.: It’s probably just lack of sleep. The difference between six and eight hours is a lot bigger than many people think.

Jake: Same here. The over-hardness of a new mattress isnt helping me, either.

What’s the schedule for FTRS getting the new Coral commenting system?

Ben: I know that this version of Coral has been rolled out for the main SBN site and some NFL sites, but I don’t think a date has actually been set for when the new system will be rolled out for the college sites. I would recommend going ahead and taking a look and play around with it some on those sites.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the new Coral system, you can shoot an email over to