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Technical Tidbits 8/10: Quarterbacks, Defensive Tackles, More Yellow Jackets News

Quarterback competition heats up, defensive tackles make gains in hopes of solidifying the defensive line.

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

For any football team, if there’s one thing more exciting then having a de facto star at the quarterback position, it would have to be the chance to experience an active competition for the quarterback position with plenty of capable candidates. To me, this latter situation is kind of the situation the Yellow Jackets find themselves in right now. It was definitely interesting last season when there were several quarterbacks rotated into the game — often this depended on the situation. Understandably, though, fans get annoyed at not knowing who their starting quarterback is. So, I imagine this season offensive coordinator David Patenaude and head coach Geoff Collins will try their best to settle on Tech’s quarterback of the future. With a lot of young talent, the competition for that spot may be one of the most exciting things about Tech football right now.

The practice is looking pretty intense!

It’s nice when other position groups like the defensive tackles and defensive linemen get the attention. This AJC article does just that. As it points out, Tech’s defensive line was a disappointment last season. Of course, that’s understandable considering the new schemes the players had to learn. Aside from the quarterback group and perhaps a couple other position groups, the defensive line (in particular the defensive tackles) is one group that should be of interest this season. It’s nice that they have beefened up, adding as much as 10 pounds per linemen. Hopefully, under their coaches guidance and training, this will be one group that can help solidify the Yellow Jackets’ defense. It is certainly one group I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Speaking of the defensive line, here is video footage from a press conference held on Saturday by defensive line coach Larry Knight and some of the defensive linemen.