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Georgia Tech Football: Season...Post-View?

In order to do this, I need your help.

Virginia v Georgia Tech
Let’s play a little side game called “how many members of the FTRS staff are in this picture?”
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With the release of the revised 2020 Georgia Tech football season schedule, we now know that the Jackets won’t be kicking off the season until a week later than originally planned. What that does give us here at From the Rumble Seat is an additional week to preview the season, look at the roster, and break down some of the biggest storylines headed into the (admittedly quite unusual) season. However, if you’ve read the byline before moseying on down to this article, you know that rare are the days when the resident historian/non-revenue sports writer takes a hack at regular football coverage. As you can probably guess, this is not regular football coverage.

Since we have a couple of days extra to write before the season, I figured I would take a hack at doing a preview of a season gone by, maybe not in complete ignorance of what happened during the season, but at least in a way that could put us in the heads of what Tech fans, players, and coaches were thinking going into the season and how it turned out in real life.

However, since this year’s Building Bracket, I’ve been looking forward to doing another interactive feature. That’s why this post exists - it is up to you, the readers of the site, to pick the season we, uh, post-view. There’s a poll below, to get us into the time span or a general idea of where to start, but leave a comment if you are drawn to a particular year, coach, player, storyline, or event. That’ll tip the scales when it comes time to actually put pen to paper.


Where Should We Look for a Season to Post-View?

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66 votes total Vote Now

So vote and leave a comment below and we’ll be back next week to take a look in the Rearview Mirror look at a “mem’ry of the days gone by,” to borrow a phrase from the Alma Mater.

The Historical Football Season Post-View will go live next Thursday, August 6th, at 8:00 AM.