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Mailbag 7/29

If the 2020 season, doesn’t happen, who claims the national title?

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Your steak should be Country Fried or Chicken Fried?

Ben: If I’m being honest, I don’t love fried steak. I’d much prefer it to be grilled (a ribeye, medium, with some garlic butter, yeah, that sounds perfect). Given these options, give me a country fried steak (also, yes, I did Google these to see what the difference was).

Jeff: Country Fried if that's the option.

Carter: Chicken should be fried, and steaks should be steaks.

Chris: I’m with Carter, there’s something weird about fried steak that I’ve never liked.

Akshay: TIL people fry steaks. Despite being vegetarian, I feel that something about that is wrong.

Levi: Georgians call it Chicken Fried, even if it’s chicken. Chicken Fried Chicken or Chicken Fried Steak. It’s just a thing.

Jake: I like fried steak, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what the difference was between the two. I was today years old when I learned they were different things. My northerner is showing.

Hey, did the Commetariate ever endeavor on the ALL TIME GT DEFENSIVE TEAMS 1st and 2nd string (by position/Name)??

Ben: I don’t think so? I’ll do mine under the same caveat as the last time we did something similar, in that I’ll stick with players I’ve actually seen play:

DE: Michael Johnson and Derrick Morgan; Jeremiah Attaochu and Anree Saint-Amour

DT: Vance Walker and Adam Gotsis; shit man, Idk

LB: Phillip Wheeler, Brad Jefferson, and Brandon Watts; Quayshawn Nealy, PJ Davis, and Julian Burnett

CB: Tre Swilling and Jemea Thomas; Jahi Word-Daniels and Chris Milton

S: Jemea Thomas (but at safety) and Juanyeh Thomas; Tariq Carpenter and AJ Gray

Levi: Derrick Morgan, Adam Gotsis and Pat Swilling on DL. Two LB: David Curry, Quayshawn Nealy. CB Lou Young, Tre Swilling, Mario Butler. Safety Morgan Burnett. and Tariq Carpenter. No 2nd string. @ me: @leviticuswarner

Jake: I think I would be even worse at this than my attempt to do the offense...

If you had to pick one emblem or logo to be the official school logo on everything ever made ever again for all eternity, what would it be?

Ben: I’m a fan of the class interlocking GT in gold with the white outline.

Georgia Tech v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

Carter: I’m a big fan of the pre-Buzz yellow jacket.

Akshay: Interlocking GT all the way, but I will accept the old-style T (as seen on the 2019-20 baseball caps) as well.

Chris: 2/2 for agreeing with Carter, the pre-Buzz yellow jacket is an absolute banger. I also love a classic seal and interlocking GT is the practical choice, but there would be something so awesome about having a vaguely curious looking insect on everything.

Levi: C’mon guys. Contrarianism is not a personality. If you’ve been a lifelong GT fan, the interlocking logo may not feel iconic. But it’s instantly identifiable nationwide. There is no other choice.

Jake: BEE ON A T! You got halfway there with Sickly Buzz (copyright: me), but, nah. If we’re going for something, a block T has to be on it. You can see it for miles lit up in neon every direction at night. It’s Tech’s oldest logo. If we’re going to be not just Atlanta’s school, but the One True Tech, we have to lean on the block T (and TECH).

If the college football season is totally cancelled, will the Dwags claim to be undefeated national champions for 2020?

Ben: I wouldn’t be surprised. Even if they did, their claim wouldn’t be as strong as UCF’s claim, which believe it or not is actually legitimate. To have a legitimate claim, a team only needs to finish the season ranked as the number one team by a poll that is recognized by the NCAA, and while UCF didn’t win the National Championship, they did finish the season ranked number one. I say all this to say that UCF has a more recent national championship than UGA.

Akshay: They are absolutely going to use a recruiting ranking or something to justify putting something in that trophy case, aren’t they? The NCAA can nip this in the bud by saying there won’t be a recognized national champion at the FBS level, you really trust them to make that decision?

Chris: Honestly, I think some team will try this if we play a partial season. The season will get horrifically cancelled at some point, and a 6-0 Michigan will claim the crown. Like Ben said technically all you need is to be ranked #1 by a NCAA-sanctioned poll at the end of the season, and “end of the season” may have a pretty fluid definition this year.

Levi: UCF 2020 Undefeated Unchallenged National Title.

Jeff: If they do we should claim it as well along with every other team and have 130-way tie.

Jake: You expect them to have consistency and logic? This is the same school that claims a 1942 football national championship - mind you, after the start of World War II - but also disputes our wins in the series the next two years, on the grounds that we still had military relevancy and therefore more young men on campus and therefore it wasn’t fair. That’s called shifting the goalposts, friends, and that is exactly what they’ll do in 2020 if they’re given the chance. That is the Athenian way!

Carter: They can claim all the fake championships they want, but it will never fill the championship sized hole in their hearts.