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Georgia Tech Football: The Case for Jeff Sims

The incoming 4-Star freshman already has a good resume

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NCAA Football: Under Armour All-America Game
Competition is King
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I’ll get straight to the point. Jeff Sims is a baller.

In this piece, we will evaluate Jeff Sims and make a case for him to be the starter. I would be hard pressed to label him the day one starter but he’ll certainly get reps early and start the second half. The crux of my case falls on one thing. The Elite 11.

For the uninitiated, 20 senior Quarterbacks are invited to participate in a training camp hosted by former Super Bowl-winning QB Trent Dilfer. This culminates in a cut-down to the “Elite 11” where they vie for Elite 11 MVP at Nike’s “The Opening” camp in Beaverton, Oregon.

That’s a lot of words to say its the best 11 high school senior quarterbacks in the country. There’s a few misses there but lots of superstar talent has passed through those doors. From 2016-2012, a slice of the last 5 draft classes has included 14 NFL draftees, 4 Heisman finalists (Kyler Murray and Deshaun Watson were winners) and at least 23 recognizable starters (opinion).

That is out of just 55 players!

I’m not a mathematician but over 20% odds for an NFL quarterback is an outstanding lottery ticket to be holding. And we got one.

It’s a recruiting holy grail and Jeff Sims did have a tumultuous recruiting journey. Sims was a star at Sandalwood high school in Jacksonville, Florida and was committed to Willie Taggart’s Florida State program. After Taggart was chased out of town with torches and pitchforks, Jeff Sims suddenly decommitted and signed with Georgia Tech. A huge win at the time and the best QB signing since Justin Thomas. Heard of him?

Here’s a decent cut of his time at the Elite 11:

Unfortunately, Jeff did not win the coveted title of Elite 11 MVP but turned a few heads and did exceptionally well in a challenge called “The Rail Shot”, like billiards. (recommended viewing because 1. It’s cool 2. Jeff does well 3. It begins with an outstanding 2nd & 26 reference many call jawja’s ‘28 to 3’)

Credit: Progressive Eye Center

Jeff Sims also participated in the UA All-America game where he lead his team to victory with 59 rushing and a rushing touchdown. (The read option is here to stay.)

He also went 5-11 but his ability Is beyond that. Highlights:

The Case:

Simply put, Georgia Tech went 3-9 with the QB talent previously mentioned. Three and NINE ain’t gonna cut it folks. Our best chance is to hand this exciting young man the ball and watch him carve defenses with his vision, talent, and speed. At the very least we can get starting experience under his belt for future title runs. He’s the most exciting QB prospect we’ve had in a while and he’s a possible Georgia Tech legend. He’s got my vote.

36 days to kickoff.